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my map


where is my Taiko diffs?
and also kwan's hard rating stars is wrong
i have to re-update and the result is same :|
maybe there is something about your difficulties broken;

because sometimes it puts some diffs into a seperate map....pretty weird yea
- Marco -
Strange, i downloaded it and the taiko diffs are there :O
maybe some display bug
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broken? but i can open the diffs well
!summon QAT BN
this problem also occurred on Mania diffs as well..

i saw in osu!direct, the diff is still exist, perhaps it's a forum bug.. .-.
Sorry! That was my bad. You don't need to re-upload - it should be fixed within the next day. Confirming for now.

Kwan's Hard rating however is correct. It now displays the CtB difficulty this map would have since the link you provided leads to the CtB scoreboard of the map.
Can you please fix the star rating
On my map (Remember me), it has all modes
But when I'm on CtB diffs, the taikos all have E
Can the mode specifics please keep original star rating instead of being converted into other modes?

Also, it fixed itself (on my map) bu clicking kn the other difficulties
Issue(s) in this thread have been addressed by the following changes:
  1. Fix difficulties disappearing on beatmap pages when specifying non-standard modes. (Tom94)

The changes will be applied to builds newer than b20150303.1ce45.

Please follow up in this thread if you believe more work needs to be done to fix the mentioned issues. If they have not yet been resolved, please provide any new details that may have arisen after this build.
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