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smallboat wrote:

As your request.

  1. Red words: Should be fixed.
  2. Blue words : Highly recommended suggestion.
  3. Black words : In my opinion.

  1. N to H 'S diffs'SV speed gap too big (1.10->1.65),安全值在0.40以下,這個要改。(H到I到B之間也大了一點)nm改了sv
  2. 預感高機率會因背景不清晰而被下圖,建議換張改了
  1. 00:44:909 (1) - 開頭應該是後面紅線吧,這以藍線spinner開頭好像不太對勁 (這邊Timing最好再確認一次),還有一種放法可以參考 : 这个不想改,最初是像你这样的,后来改这样了
[tm's Hard]
  1. Nothing
  1. Nothing
  1. 00:25:777 (2,5) - 同Combo part的連打間距不一致也會被干,要fix
  2. 00:42:899 (4,5) - 這兩個間距怎麼突然變小了,看看能否用Ctrl+g?


TT Mouse wrote:

Okay, all diff mapset looks more fine to me.

Bubbled !
Hello guys, it's your favo(u)rite BN ever, Krfawy!

So before we can push it forward (in before a disqualification happening just because Krfawy is being Krfawy) I would like you to take some suggestions from me.

Circle Sizes in Hard and Insane difficulties
  1. So basically the diffs are very good and well-made but I wonder if you don't mind changing CS in the Hard to 3.5 and CS in the Insane to 4 so the spread would be more even and more balanced. This definitely will not kill the difference between Insane and Boom diffs but it would make it more balanced between Hard and Insane I believe. Well, CS4 is totally fine in Hard so this one is just a personal suggestion but CS4 in the first Insane is a really warm recommendation from me.

Spinner at the very end of the play (It counts to the whole mapset)
  1. The starting moment of 00:44:909 (1) - this note should be okay. However, I am sure it would be nicer to place the end of the note 00:46:275 - here. Also the spinner in the Normal difficulty is veeeery short and I doubt it is something enjoyable or playable for the easiest difficulty so please place it how you did it in the rest of your mapset.

  1. Maybe OD7.5-8.0 so it's more ppable... I-I m-mean fun! *Krfawy runs
  2. 00:43:221 (5) - I think it would look more logical and fun to CTRL + G it so it would make a nice flow in the whole pattern here: 00:41:131 (2,2,4,5) - You know, it also would flow nicer if you do so. :D

  1. 00:44:185 (3) - I really do not like this note as a slider. I know you're following the echoing sound like in Boom difficulty and as long as it fits there, I do not really think it should be mapped like this in the Insane. What I highly recommend is to make this note a single circle. Yes, only in the Insane difficulty. Here it just doesn't really play well with accurate constructions when it does in the Boom diff so I hope you understand my feelings. :C

If there is something not understandable in my mod, poke me so I can explain it in another way. Call me back when you're done! :3

EDIT: TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 2 months since the last post what a combo-breaker.
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thanks for your modding.
Insane here 00:44:185 (3) - at last, the lyric "送他升天" means "send him to heaven". so i made a up slider. the lyric of this song is kanda funny. :)
others are all fixed.

Krfawy is being Krfawy
i think 哔哩哔哩 shouldnt be used as a source, its only a video site.
dq in coming because of the source ;w;
bilibili douga? ;w;

Karen wrote:

i think 哔哩哔哩 shouldnt be used as a source, its only a video site.
Also, really distracted by speed changed at later part. It was too sudden and I had no way to see it.
Maybe use green/blue combo colors at slower part and use orange/red at faster part?
Bilibili Douga(哔哩哔哩) is a website, you should not use it in source field. Please refer to this thread:

Move it to tags and you may consider bbj0920's opinion.
You guys do scare me with metadata, especially when it was modded by a Chinese BN. LOL69

bbj0920 wrote:

Also, really distracted by speed changed at later part. It was too sudden and I had no way to see it.
Please, the speed change is very easy to keep up with even for me when I am 50K so for sure this isn't any kind of an issue if a noob like me can play it properly. D:

EDIT: That was about the whole mapset including Insanes.
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I am so noob :cry:
Confirm this mapset okay, so reb it.

人格間諜M醬飛球我錯了 :o
Good luck requalifying this mapset, I'm happy to see chinese 音MAD getting ranked :D
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