[resolved] None of my score are submitting

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Problem Details:
I noticed it after FCing this map(I was connected to Bancho): http://puu.sh/ggG7I.jpg , http://puu.sh/ggGbF.jpg and checked it with this map: http://puu.sh/ggGf3.jpg , http://puu.sh/ggGgV.jpg

I restarted osu, turned my firewall off before playing pupa and made sure I was connected to bancho.
It seems like osu didn't even try du submit the play/it got lost somewhere since the message which tells you that osu will retry to send the score in x time didnt show up.

Any suggestions what I could do?

Edit : 3 maps later, no submitted score.
Edit2: I can still rate a map after playing it. http://puu.sh/ggKbh.jpg
Edit3: Same on stable.
Edit4: I can play multiplayer matches.

osu! version: 20150228.1cuttingedge and stable
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