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How do you get full combo?

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Mahoganytooth wrote:

Full combo what is in your ability and slowly work up from there.

Also, the best way to stop being nervous is to stop caring so much about FCs. There's some amazing quote from omgforz lying around these forums here that I'm sure somebody will post.
Wasn't going to post, but since you asked so nicely

Noobsicle wrote:

omgforz made a nice comment on a thread in reddit which may/may not help, but is good advice nonetheless

Omgforz wrote:

The change of your elbow and trying to relax your muscle will not have a dramatic effect on your playstyle. I switched multiple times, and I always ended up aiming about the same after a week of playing.

Your post sounds pretty depressing, or rather disappointed. Disappointed in your inability to improve and even go as far as to decay in skill. To which I would say it's mostly just a mental block, because you apparently were able to certain things already but somehow unlearned them. (as long as you just didn't mindlessly spam over them beforehand) In your situation I would most likely try to change my mindset.

I can not stress this enough, if you've done something amazing once in the past, never expect it to happen again, you will only be faced with disappointment, which doesn't help a lot in your current situation, or in any situation for that matter.

Dead serious, if you start not giving a shit you will not tense up as much to get that one really cool fc for them mad pps. Take scores as they come and go, if you missed, this is an indicator that you suck, and you should do something about it. Every miss is an indication of a lack of skill one way or another. Accept them, don't try to sweet-talk yourself into saying it's "just another random miss".
Another habit I would try is to only go for retries when you want to train a specific thing which you can't do. (getting that 99% acc on that one od10 song, trying to stream 200 bpm for 1000 notes, reading and aiming a hard pattern)
Followed by trying to fundamentally establish those skills by applying them in random songs. Just playing a lot of different songs and trying to 1 try fc them. If you notice a pattern you have problems in, retry it until you get it right once without spamming mindlessly. Your goal is to not get it right that ONE time, it is to get it right EVERY time, so you're going to remember that beatmap and try it again on a later date. (retrying is fine, if it's on another day or a few hours apart from the last try, it's all up to you to set the rules for this)

This is another important part, going from singletapping to streaming or bursting might be difficult because you're tensing up too hard. It might be great because of tensing up you are able to hit those patterns and reach the speed, but your transitioning is suffering because of it and you can start to shake pretty easily. Staying calm and relaxed while playing outright insane songs is the goal in mind, this state is something everyone should strive for. (This does not mean never tense up, you need to tense up to reach new heights, but once you reach them, try to work at them until it is second nature to you)

That's about it for what I can say through my experience right now. Since your training method wasn't working for you, I tried sharing some of my past experiences and finds to maybe give you a different guideline to follow for a change.
Either way, what you wanna do is not give a fuck. You'll FC the songs you play, eventually - nobody FCs it every time, if that makes you any happier
Typically it's advised to not miss notes but there's a second part to this that people don't tell you. See, there's a thing called a slider break, where you don't technically miss but you break combo anyway. You want to avoid both of this things simultaneously to successfully get a fc.

zwoots wrote:

Typically it's advised to not miss notes but there's a second part to this that people don't tell you. See, there's a thing called a slider break, where you don't technically miss but you break combo anyway. You want to avoid both of this things simultaneously to successfully get a fc.
I didn't follow your advice and paid the price for 0 missing both of these maps.

just looked your profile up, you took a preeeeetty long break. just play more and you'll do it soon.
Topic Starter
Thanks everyone for answers. I'll try not to care so much FCs, but it's sill annoying when I'm 90% through the song then suddenly FC gone.
if you find out let me know
If it's about PP, you won't lose that much PP from missing right at the end due to how the system works. If you're just playing for

xVortexXz wrote:

Whenever I play a map I always mess up my combo, sometimes even before the end. I just get stressed when I see my combo, my arm strats to tense and then do something like pressing the button to early or missing the circle. or So how do you maintain full combo throughout a map. I can't full combo even 3star maps.
Shit+tab (disables interface)

I have the bad habbit at glancing at the clock, score % or w/e, I disabled it and now I have much less problems and could fc some maps I always got this random miss on bcuz I was distracted.
Feels good when you don't care about FC and just concentrate on accuracy. Game is a million times more fun that way. With that kind of mindset, your score/combo won't wreck your nerves either so it 's a win-win.
You don't miss.

DahplA wrote:

You don't miss.
or slider break.

To the OP, it really is just a case of play more. Try to play maps that you find challenging but can still sustain a decent accuracy on (>97%+?); eventually something will click and the maps will be fc'ing themselves left right and center.
click all the cirlces

good luck 8-)
Usually when I equip the "Auto" mod I get full combos. Good Luck!!!
Christ the shitposting

Basically the best thing you can do is try to relax and stay calm. One thing you should avoid is spamming retry because you'll develop muscle memory to playing the map wrong, making it much harder to FC.
Play until you get mad and then stop. Play different maps and then come back to it later. that's what i do atleast
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