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Heya osu!,I've been thinking that the lovable pippidon doesn't have many skins or that almost nobody bother to change it, buuuuuuut!, I wanted to make a pippidon editor from gif's or different .jpg or bpm images (I have to note that the gif's and else should be renderized). It's still really early, as there are many problems, as that the frames should be scaled to a universal resolution (I've found that 340x460 fits perfectly). On the other hand, there will be a lot of work from the side of the user, that comes with adapting the frames that you want for the state of the pippidon(i.e= idle,fail,clear,kiai)
The layout of the programme should be simple, in a day or two I will post a preview of how should it be. I thought of a bar in the right with the frames, and some tools for edting them.
>>here it is one that I made http://puu.sh/geRpe/8f227a49be.rar
Sooooo, I'd love to hear your opinion. I know only python in coding, so if you know of other languages please tell me! :3
Thank you for reading in advance

This thread has been left alone for a while, and I suggest you update it.
Since there is only one pippidon! made for the record, I'm thinking you should probably work ASAP on the post.
Overall, I'm quite curious to see what you have to offer.

~ With great curiosity, SMG3. ~
download link is still alive, I might put this in Important Guides and Threads

EDIT1: Nvm, it's just a custom pippidon, lock plz
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