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Why no hitsound and vol 100%

00:35:845 (1) - This Spinner Next point position
00:55:533 (3) - New Combo
00:56:283 (1) - Delete this note
02:38:283 (1) - Add Vol 5%?

Good Map 你会给我kudo吗lol我只会modEasy.
...Please don't forget.
Talked to ztrot over IRC and noted:

00:35:845 (1) - Could start 1/2 tick later.

01:55:439 (5) and 02:01:439 (2) - Only 1/4 notes in the map and felt inconsistent to me because I'm a consistency freak modder.
02:23:658 (6) - I also think that this is the only note under a slider in the map? (plays poorly on Hidden) Here I am consistency freaking modding again.

Oh yeah and the title, make sure that it's actually RaspberryHeart since I think it might be Raspberry Heart.

OH WELL it's not like any of this matters so have a twinkly.
I think slidertick 2 in all diffs will be looks better. Change it for normal and easy please

00:38:283 (4) - add whistles to the start, reverse, end
00:39:783 (5) - ^
00:42:033 (3,4,1,2,3) - add 5 whistles
01:13:533 (1) - imo, too far from center after spinner

ouran's Normal
00:38:283 (3) - sound off the music, reverse must be at blue tick, 1/4 later. It makes map harder, but sounds and senses better
00:39:783 (3) - ^
00:41:283 (3) - ^
00:45:033 (1,2,3,4) - add 4 whistles

OD -1?
00:54:033 (1) - this clap on high white tick looks weird
01:36:033 (1,2,3) - spacing
02:01:158 (1) - add clap instead of whistle?
02:05:283 (1,2,3,4) - inconsistent spacing
02:14:283 (1) - add finish
02:17:283 (1,2,3,1,2) - add 5 whistles
02:28:533 (2) - remove whistle
02:36:033 (3) - imo, will be better without overlap :

Quick I need a MAT q.q
Offset 1540, it's too early right now
Great hit lighting, I love it!

01:18:033 (3) - New combo To be consistent
01:58:533 (4) - New combo This one really needs it because of the spacing increase

ouran's Normal
AR +1
00:36:033 (1) - Make this spinner start at 00:35:283? Makes it easier and less abrupt
00:55:533 (2) - This slider ends on the blue tick! End it on the white!
01:35:283 - Add spinner here? It really could use one
02:02:845 (3) - This slider ends on the blue tick! End it on the white!
02:33:783 (1) - This slider ends on the blue tick! End it on the white!

For the irregular beats, like 00:24:790 (4,5,6), you use increased spacing which helps read it. Unfortunately you don't use that spacing for every time which makes predicting these beat changes very difficult.
For instance, 01:18:790 (1,2,3) - uses 1.00x spacing instead of something larger. Same at 02:36:790 (3,4,5)
I would highly recommend changing them, but you don't actually have to since they follow correct spacing at 1.0x

And that's it for insane actually. Nothing unrankable and nothing I don't like except that.
The source is pop'n Music 10 so add that please http://vjarmy.com/wiki/index.php/Raspberry_Heart
This map is so bad that it should be nuked.

Take this nuke. Now go map better maps, this one sucks.
Yo o/

Had a look over, and it's lookin' pretty solid. Nice and fun. Just a few things to sort out however:

  1. That timing looks a little early to me, by +8ms. Try Offset: 1,547?
  2. Might as well set the same stack leniency for every diff, with insane at 0.2 and the others at default at the moment.

and one tiny thing on Normal


01:21:039 (2,3) - Mind moving these sliders apart a bit? Feels a bit stiff somewhat. It's bugging me

Everything else looks clean to me! Get 'em fixed and I'll bubble.

EDIT: Bubbled!
-Sounds like it could use another offset at 110,297 for a metronome reset
(Are you sure you don't need Dance Dance Revolution as the source?)

01:58:172 (3,1) - slight spacing change but I guess it wont confuse beginners

ouran's Normal:
01:27:047 (3,1) - anti jump doesn't really fit here, space out more?

-Some odd patterns but plays nicely enough
00:32:297 (1,2,3,4) - doesn't really need the increasing spacing
02:12:984 (1,1,1) - kind of mean, extend the spinner instead?

Everything else looks good, call me back after fixes and will rank

Added Dance Dance Revolution to the tags as a version of the song came from there (and ouran can hate me for it :P)

Everything else looks good
Osu raters in a nutshell part 2 electric boogaloo http://puu.sh/3y4L
part 1

Grats on rank

Charles445 wrote:

Osu raters in a nutshell part 2 electric boogaloo http://puu.sh/3y4L
part 1

Grats on rank
there are only 3 votes >_>

ouranhshc wrote:

Charles445 wrote:

Osu raters in a nutshell part 2 electric boogaloo http://puu.sh/3y4L
part 1

Grats on rank
there are only 3 votes >_>
There are 5 now, so it doesn't look like that anymore thank goodness.

BTW, I'm one of the 10's. :D
I dont know... unlike most of your maps i can hardly read this one, it's like your ztrot spacing has taken on a whole new level, but oh well not like i would unrank it just for that anyways, just that one spinner note spinner on [Insane] wth were you thinking X_X
Sorry if that was harsh, but that's how i feel about this map, i wont rate it tho, i dont want you to judge me by the number i give to your map, but i'll let you know my feelings about it.

To each their own i guess
Nothing to say but a few things. It's so amazingly epic and awesome since any TERRA songs are kawaii and great...<3. I'd give it an instant 5 out of 5 for awesome songs and hardwork...x3.
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