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Staiain wrote:

heyy i got it before being completely warm, I'll highlight it on twitch later

edit, if still people doubt my legitimacy here's all the proof you need




Checked everything excluding .osr since a livestream/handcam is enough to prove legitimacy, congratz on 1st Tachyon!

Shxfted wrote:

We need a separate tier for Staiain because he's too good xD

I felt like playing 4K Dans instead of studying for my midterm that's in 2 hours, so here's what I did without any warmup and really cold hands:

4K Dan 4 Clear:

4K Dan 5 Clear:

4K Dan 6 Clear:

Some notes on the 4K Dans:
The second song of Dan 5 is significantly harder than the rest of the Dan 5 songs, and I believe it doesn't belong in Dan 5. It is harder than most of the Dan 6 stuff too IMO. Need more opinions on that.
The last song in Dan 7 is completely slow jam, and it is very hard to play for that reason. Dan 7 needs to be fixed before anyone tries it.

Other than those changes, I think the 4K Dans are really good, and should stay as they are.
Checked everything here, looks fine

I forwarded the message to Shoegazer, he swapped some songs, so scores might be affected after everything is finalized

" swapped Megitsune with Trapce, I'll see what I can do for 5th dan "

Affected Dans :

4K Dan 5, 8, 9

Fullerene- wrote:

Tried 8th and got dunked by Megitsune, my hands are really not in a position to do this anymore :/ Hands really hurt a lot at the end of Die Winnipeg

Replay: http://puu.sh/g9QSz.osr
Couldn't check the .osr due to SV fix, will mark with ** but it should be ok as you are prolly going to forward this version to Shoegazer afterwards, then i'll remove the **

Shxfted wrote:


I'm going to upload a video (bandicam, no hands) tonight. This is probably the best thing I've ever done on mania O.o
Halogen also spectated me for almost the entire song, and he can vouch for me that I never paused or anything :)
Hmm yea, unfortunately, as Shoegazer said, some songs have been swapped, so this score might be affected ultimately once everything is finalized
Added in anyways as Halogen- as witness to this pass

StaiainFangirl wrote:

I tried :c I might try this later on tonight with handcam and what not.

Staiain wrote:

Tried again, still really sloppy cause my stamina is terrible lately, but I'll improve this when I feel I'm having a good day. I'll post replay n stuff later if I have to prove it's legit etc.

Will update once that happens o/

That's the log of Dan clear updates for now, will now refine the dan clear post to make it clearer
tfw my 4k 2nd dan score got ignored :c
I'll also help update randomly from time to time~ ^^
Since the Insane Dans aren't finalized yet, I just had fun with the normal level scores :v

Normal Level 1st Dan + DT

Normal Level 4th Dan + DT

7th Dan, 976,991 / 99.60%

8th Dan - 977,777 / 99.50%

Will try to get 99 on 9th and 10th dans eventually.

Luminal - 920,372 / 98.20% - Video

Tachyon - 819,664 / 95.85%

EDIT: Turns out I didn't get Tachyon on stream somehow, whatever.
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-Kamikaze- wrote:

tfw my 4k 2nd dan score got ignored :c
sorry i'm not perfect

imma update in around 5 hours, i feel like napping in a bit

Edit : nevermind I'm too lazy, will update tommorow since i have more time
and i kinda did something
While I'm ruining all Insane Level clears by adding in SV's....

The jacks are real in this D:
Well, that's 7k Insane Dan 1 done. Eyes started watering at the end of workaholic, and I wasn't warmed up, but whatever, I'm nowhere close to failing this one.

Hello, great initiative. :)
I will do the next DAN tomorrow.
Replay: http://puu.sh/gaPIv/c0dd565989.osr
Topic Starter
Hello, update again, 4k 4th dan might experience some changes according to PortalLife

Quoting this just in case

Shoegazer wrote:

Double tost.

5th, 7th to 9th dans have been updated. Redownload those if you downloaded those dans prior to this update.

5th Dan:
Shiraishi - True Millennium Queen -> Ranzor - That Was Too Slow [Hayaku! Hayaku!]

7th Dan:
SVs have been fixed.

8th Dan:
BABYMETAL - Megitsune -> Nhtonius - Trapce

9th Dan:
Nhtonius - Trapce -> BABYMETAL - Megitsune

All scores for 5th, 8th and 9th dans prior to this update will be invalidated. All scores for 7th dan will still be there. I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Short LNs will be removed in a further update when I figure out how this osu editor works.
Updating the scores in a bit

@Shoegazer : couldn't really open the .osr ( probably due to mine being outdated, will trust you on this anyways since you made the packs here )

Not really gonna quote everyone here, unless there's problems in the future

@iJinJin & Shoegazer : Will be updating the leaderboards on weekends and stuff, thanks for updating the leaderboards for me, it really helps loosen my workload here haha

If there are any errors in the dan clears, feel free to inform me through any means


Did some graphics thing


Signature Size:

Hya (◕‿◕✿)
I cleared 5th dan of 4k

I've been playing osu!mania for a week now, so I'll be doing this as some sort of training to get better.
I'll start from the bottom and see where I finish at the end of the year. haha.

For now:
Beginner a-o completo!

1st Dan a-1:

2nd Dan a-2:


RaiseUrDawngers wrote:

I've been playing osu!mania for a week now, so I'll be doing this as some sort of training to get better.
I'll start from the bottom and see where I finish at the end of the year. haha.

For now:
Beginner a-o completo!

1st Dan a-1:

2nd Dan a-2:

Nice! Keep it up and be sure to share it with others! We designed the 7K Dans to be friendly to new players just like you, so it makes me glad to see someone who's playing these even within the first week or two.
I forgot to login *sigh
Doesn't matter now, I got an A 2nd try no previous warmups except 1st try in this dan

Replay: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zmaui6qum38c ... a.osr?dl=0
Will soon upload a much better score. Played this out of excitement in an internet cafe.
9th Dan - 977,966 / 99.56%

Higher score than my 8th and 7th dan scores. I'll take it. Horrible John Tanaka run. Will try 10th dan tomorrow.
putting this here because I posted it in the wrong thread, lol
Hi there,
Really nice idea you have there :) .
I did have one problem though : when i opened the files, there was an error and some of the maps didn't load.
here's a screenshot: http://puu.sh/gdr7W/82526911b8.jpg

Anyway, here're my attempts:

nice concept, let me join the party ~

Replay in here ~

note : when i was reaching marathon beatmap, my PC seems kinda weird, sudden note appear and then boom drop HP a lot sheesh ;_;
i did it :D
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