osu!mania 7K Dan (段) Courses (Judge your 7K Skills!)

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Took you long enough to get this done zzzzz

gud job doe

chyoic for zenith pass

iJinjin wrote:

It's finally done! The hardest dan finally made its way!
Here's the complete download link for all the extra dan courses
oh boy who will be the first to clear this !?!?!?
just clearing it is okay ? (doesn't require high accuracy?)
yep, 7k dans just need a pass and you're good, I don't think anyone would be able to keep a 95% or above run on zenith lol
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yup, just need to clear ^^
chinchin is etttttttttttttttttt


seriously though kakuzetsu thanathos at hp9 and it's not even the hardest song of the course lmaaaao
i'm interested to see who the hell passes this
So as to give some context to other people Sern888 recently cleared Azimuth which is an impressive feat but due to the note glitch, he did significantly worse at the final 2 songs.
Note Glitch: notes at the further end of a long and dense chart (pretty much around >7 mins length) notes will start to load slower, this means that sometimes notes can "appear" in the middle of the mania stage instead of starting at the top, this glitch gets worse as the chart gets longer/denser

Suggestion 1:
Pretty sure this has been reported before but I guess you can bump that thread or contact a suitable dev to fix this

Suggestion 2:
This suggestion is build upon the basis that players are honest, in which we have already informed them about by trusting they don't pause in the middle of maps to maintain upmost legitimacy.

Suggesting to break maps into separate compartments (singular maps) so that the glitch will rarely happen

Probably some issues I will counter beforehand

Bonus scoring: As there is another factor that goes into a mania scoring, thus may be an issue, but I personally think that this is negligible compared to the score loss currently
HP: HP gauge is reset when changing maps, currently, I can only think of Zenith being applicable for this criteria as the last 3 charts have a large enough intro to refill HP anyways (I might be wrong), not sute about Gamma and Azimuth, I kinda forgot how they played
Combo: eeeeeh not so important tbh
Break Time: the biggest issue here for breaking maps into separate components imo, loading time and Audioleadin result screen time is hard to keep fair amongst the players, not too sure about this

Would be great if Suggestion 1 actually went through but Suggestion 2 would be a temporary fix for now, I might need to mark these scores as a "unique case"

Edit: spelling mistake
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As mentioned in the main post, the 7K Insane & Extra dans are getting a complete revamp! We now have two separate courses coming soon: Regular Dan and LN Dan. The first 4 Insane Regular Dans have been completed, and you may download them here: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/965654
LN dan hype
the first 4 regular dans in 1 image i guess ~

Evening wrote:

the first 4 regular dans in 1 image i guess ~
Dude that's fucking sick
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Update: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/450649
The first four Insane LN Dans have been uploaded (awesome BG by Evening is soon to come)


edit: was it supposed to be cut off like that lol
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(working really hard on pushing out dans as quickly as possible, probably won't be the case soon as we have to be very selective on which maps to pick)
but here it is! The Insane Level Regular 4th~7th dan courses have been released!

(update: decided to replace Crow solace with tldne extra diff, will update soon)
Preview again ~
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LN 4th ~ 7th dan have been released~
The note glitch seems fixed with latest build.
Tested with revamped courses.
wat I don't know my map is on the 0 dan LN lol

also 5th

going to try this after done with workkkk
Wow, reworked courses seem so much better. Thank you for your work!

P.S. Songs in LN packs are beautiful.

P.P.S. I'm surprised that you took my diff, lol.

Can't wait for Gamma~Zenith to come out!
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