which type of keyboard you use?

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Mofu kun wrote:

i happen to play on rubberdome

no one kill me pls
One day I'm founding a rubberdome school for young people that want to live their dreams without having to endure being judged by social and economical standards.

Mofu kun wrote:

i happen to play on rubberdome

no one kill me pls
what's wrong with rubberdome?CookieNia is using a rubberdome keyboard(yes,I'm bringing up CookieNia AGAIN)

Saphirshroom wrote:

What does DA stand for? Dumbledore's Army?

I use a rubberdome btw.
/e: Whoops, fixed failquote
DeathAdder. It's a Razer mouse. I gotta admit, it's pretty sweet. Good tracking, intra-red sensor, good shape, simple but not too simple (2 side buttons, nothing else), on-board memory and backlighting (personally I'd just turn it off though). But like I said, Razer = bad quality control so unless you can afford to buy a new $70 mouse every few months you probably shouldn't go there. And they have a tendency to release unusable crap, not recall it and then have good versions on their own site (this is why the Razer Abyssus and Razer Abyssus 2014 is ALWAYS on sale at NCIX).

EDIT: I might add, Synapse. ><

Anyway, that's enough derailing I think. I use rubber dome. If -Amanda can do Mad Machine DT with rubber domes then clearly your keyboard isn't of THAT great importance. Also, isokasapupuja (ranked #6 on osu!std) uses a membrane keyboard so *shrug*
I use a Razer Blackwidow with Blue Keys. I have had it for 2 years now, and I certainly prefer it over my old rubber dome keyboard. With that said, I wish I got a different key color than blue keys. The sound they make doesn't bother me, but when I come home from college they bother my brothers. I think I would probably get red or orange if/when I get another keyboard.

The best way to describe blue keys is that they have a "type writer" feel to them. You have to be fairly heavy to actuate the keys, but it feels oh so good to do so.
I thought blues were fairly light - is this some kind of weird Razer custom switches?
blues are light, reds and browns are just a lot lighter

i'd say blues are slightly lighter than typewriters though, cherry greens may be closer to buckling springs than blues

razer now uses their own rebranded kailh switches, but as KillerGecko mentioned in his post, his blackwidow uses blues, so it shouldn't be too different to any other cherry blue keyboard

razer green = kailh blue recolored = cherry blue clone
razer orange = kailh red/brown recolored = cherry red/brown clone. razer orange switches feel like the middle-ground between cherry reds and browns (if you have tried them before), they aren't exactly linear, but you can't really feel the bump either. maybe the unit i tested at the computer store was a funky one

kailh switches are generally cheaper than cherry switches, which may result in more inconsistencies throughout the board in regards to the weight of the spring in the key switch , how definitive the click/bump is in the greens/oranges respectively etc, but they bear very similar traits to the german made cherry switches
Is it weird if I can't feel the bump in my blues unless I press really slowly?

Kheldragar wrote:

Is it weird if I can't feel the bump in my blues unless I press really slowly?
The force of you bottoming out the key is probably higher so you don't feel the tactile click. So nah, its not wierd.
the click in your blues may be worn out somehow. does it still feel as responsive as you first got it? e.g it actuates fine but the feel just irks you a bit

you might have to clean the insides of the switch or try tapping them at different angles
It works fine since the click is just as loud and I can feel the bump when pressing slowly, but I think philantrophist has it right; I think I always bottom out 2-3x as hard as necessary.
Cherry MX reds.
They're noticeably lighter than when I got my keyboard as I've been doing a lot of osu!.
Mechanical. Went from Cherry MX Reds to Blacks, but I am going to put Blues, Browns and Greens on my Keyboard soon :D
MX Reds have got to be the all round best for smoothness - sound factor.
If you want to wake the nabours and your whole house up at night, blue switches.

I use a Func - KB-460 mx reds

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