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The Living tombstone - It's been so long [OsuMania]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, August 14, 2015 at 10:26:31 AM

Artist: The Living tombstone
Title: It's been so long
BPM: 192
Filesize: 4937kb
Play Time: 02:49
Difficulties Available:
  1. Chika - 4Key (2.04 stars, 732 notes)
  2. Foxy - 4Key (1.78 stars, 625 notes)

Download: The Living tombstone - It's been so long
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
This is my first map for osu!mania.
There are changes to come so keep your eye out for them.

EDIT1 2/21/15:
BPM doubled
EDIT 2/23/15:
Finished MD diff
Added BG


Added a start to Foxy.


- So, I don't know who told you, but doubling the BPM is incorrect. It is a slow song, and 96 BPM is the number you want. You mostly use 1/1 and 1/2 taps, you yourself made it out to be a 96 BPM map (well, otherwise it would be overmapped, though appropriate for higher diffs) and it could still be argued that since the song is so slow, it is a 96 BPM one, and you just mapped it at 1/4.

- background image musn't be over 1366x768, e.g. you can use this

- adding tags, like music genre (electro-rock etc.), or if you get guest diffs of the mapper, and maybe add tags for what you can see in the background, like Bonnie, Chica, Foxy etc.

- adding bookmarks in the music (refrain, chorus, etc.) should help make the map cleaner and easier to mod

- Mapping only at 1/2 or 1/4 if possible makes it a lot easier and cleanerto map, ESPECIALLY if you are using live mapping. Otherwise, you end up placing notes by 1/8th wrong, just because you are unnecessarily mapping in that.

- You have to add Kiai time. Times I suggest would be either (00:50:036 or 01:00:036 to 01:10:036) or (01:10:036 or 01:20:036 to 01:30:036) and (02:10:036 to 02:19:723), just quickly letting go of Kiai time and restarting it at (02:20:036 to 02:30:036). You could also make the last one without the interruption, but I think it looks better to restart it. In standard mode, this would mean that you'd make the fountains swoosh during Kiai (as it only does that when starting Kiai), but in mania, it is irrelevant.

- You should name the diffs appropriately, as in (Beginner/Advanced/Hyper/Insane/Extreme), or (Easy/Normal/Hard/Insane/Another), or (Lv.6/Lv.10/whatever). I did some research and think that the names you chose are two of the puppets in the background (band members?). (Though on the internet, it seems that it is not called Chika, but Chica). However, there are two problems with this. First of, you only have two diffs, but there are four puppets. Secondly, and most importantly, you cannot bring puppets into a difficulty order. If it was game bosses, you could sort them by difficulty, but they're not. Hence you shouldn't use them as difficulty names, even if you make two more diffs. That is, if you care about ranking.

- I feel that especially at the slow start of the song, your timing is very off in both diffs, and that maybe you should concentrate less on the voice than the overall rhythm, if it's not possible to map properly to the voice. I will pick out badly placed notes and try showing alternatives, let's see what it turns out as. EDIT: After all, I think it is possible to map after the voice, though not like you did it.

- Are you sure you don't want to map the very start of the song? I like it a lot and think it could be well mapped. You could even slow down the note scrolling for the slow singing part after that, then speed it back up.



- So I told you before while you were mapping, but I think you overuse sliders. While some are fine, and I accept some, others don't fit at all. Hence I will make one modding section just for sliders and willl use red colour for doesn't fit, orange for accepting, but doesn't really have a basis in the song, yellow for fine and green for sliders I like.

- This I also told you before, but I think that the sudden 1/4 doubles are out of place. They are only a few 1/4 notes in the whole diff but they come rapidly with little warning and the first ones even appear at a slow part, 01:45:661 (105661|2). I think this should be fixed by either taking out doubles completely, or putting more in throughout the diff, which is what I'll be doing during the mod.

- I will probably end up changing the start completely, so don't get confused where your notes went.

- Because I changed so much, I decided to upload my version of the song:
- Maybe I'll also upload a video of both versions to compare. But if I'll do that, it'll take a while to upload to Youtube. EDIT: It is recommended to silence one video and to synchronise them manually as best as possible. Otherwise ear cancer.


00:10:036 (10036|0) - The start sounds weird in my opinion, probably because there is a steady amount of 1/2 notes being sung, but you choose to click some and not others. I'd suggest this start, followed by this
00:12:380 (12380|0) - view above
00:14:723 (14723|2,15036|0,15036|1,15661|3,15661|2) - you really need a click here beforehand, and I'd make the other two twoclicks, looking like this
00:17:536 (17536|2) - while this is fine, I'd make a double here too, like there is in the sung voice, and making the 'blind' a long slider, but getting rid of the note at 00:18:786 (18786|2) and the whistle from the note at 00:16:911 (16911|1) (because the other notes it whistled with are gone. Or you could add a Whistle to both the long and shorter slider). In the end, it will look like this
00:21:911 (21911|1) - everything's fine with placing these sliders here, don't worry, however, this slider is 1/2 longer than it should. It should end at 00:24:098
01:10:036 (70036|2) - this is fine, but I'm just wondering why you chose to make repetetive patterns, since those feel kind of awkward to play in mania
01:43:786 (103786|1,103786|2) - these sliders are also 1/2 longer and should end at 01:44:098
01:51:286 (111286|2,111286|1) - !!! So starting from this point, you suddenly change the rhythm. While I like the rhythm you chose, it is the only time you use it and it comes out of nowhere. I'd advise making that whole section have that rhythm, instead of discarding it again that soon for the normal 1/2 tapping. I'll be doing and commenting the changes to this section below in that box.
01:51:442 (111442|3) - You had a triple here, but I found that it feels better to play to have triples at other places, and that it made the rhythm play and flow better with just these clicks
01:52:067 (112067|3) - makes the rhythm hard to play, I changed this section like this, which easily flows into the delayed double
01:53:473 (113473|3) - there should be doubles here too, which I made it into like this
01:55:973 (115973|3) - va, doubles like this
01:57:223 (117223|1) - va, doubles like this
01:58:161 (118161|0,118161|2,118473|3,118786|1,119098|2,119255|0,119411|3,119411|1,119723|2) - I found that this section has way more power in the music and emphasized it with double- and tripleclicks like this (compared to what it was before). Solely this is responsible for the rise in star rating by 0.8 btw, hue.
02:00:661 (120661|0,120661|2) - there should be doubles here, which I made like this
02:01:911 (121911|3,121911|1) - va, same kind, like this
02:05:036 (125036|2) - I changed this part to have more doubles as in the music, ended up like this, then that
02:12:380 (132380|2,132380|1) - I put a doubleclick in between, making it a triple, because it's great to play and the music is more powerful there, looking like this
02:13:630 (133630|1,133630|0) - va, like this
02:15:036 (135036|2,135036|3,135036|1) - since the music is more powerful, I chose to make it a tripleclick like this
02:22:380 (142380|2,142380|3) - va, doubleclick in between, like this
02:23:630 (143630|3,143630|2) - va, plus some following rearrangement of notes, ending up looking like this
02:34:098 (154098|3) - you forgot a slider here, like in the fashion before and after it, so instead of the click a 2/1 slider
02:42:223 (162223|0) - I think you're missing a click here, the pause really doesn't sound right, if it was me, I'd put the clicks in this order then


00:10:036 (10036|1) - I like the two sliders based on the starting sound
00:10:036 (10036|3) - fine, though in the way I'd map the start, it wouldn't be as long, and end together with the other two sliders.
00:16:286 (16286|0) - fine, doesn't fit the music really, but plays okay
00:20:661 (20661|2) - 00:21:911 (21911|1) - I like this part
00:25:036 (25036|0,25036|3) - can't say I'm too happy about those sliders, since they don't have a basis in the music and there are good alternatives that you could do (e.g. like this, focussing on the three background noises going deeper), but I'd accept them
00:30:036 (30036|2,30036|0,30036|1) - totally okay with those
00:40:036 (40036|1,40661|2,41286|3,41911|0,42536|1,43161|2,43786|3,44411|1,45036|0,45036|2,45661|3,45661|1,46286|0,46286|2,46911|1,46911|3) - okay, I hate those, honestly they have nothing to do there, the music is normally going on like before with no long notes, but suddenly there are no clicks anymore but just sliders. If you had at least stopped after three sliders or put notes in between in a way that fit, then maybe it wouldn't be as bad. Also, the doublesliders at the end doesn't fit either, as the music is not stronger than before when you only used singlesliders. And then that change from 2/1 slider to 1.5/1 sliders and then 1/1 slider with a pause between, ugh. It might sound really harsh, but this part is just bad and should definitely be corrected, it has nothing to do with the music it's based on and isn't fun to play either. What I made out of it is based on pronouncing doubles without being too hard to play, like this, then this, then that and then that
00:50:036 (50036|0,50036|3) - thinking about wheather it would be better to make it three sliders again, like before, however, then the doubleclick before might feel awkward. I don't think it would be a big problem though
00:56:911 (56911|0,56911|2) - don't have to be there, but fine
01:02:536 (62536|3,62536|1,63161|0,63161|2,63786|2,63786|1) - I would like there to be something of more power than some sliders, it seems wasted, but it would be acceptable. Though at least you could make it three slider each, like this
01:08:161 (68161|2,68161|0) - I'd rather there be clicks here, really, there is no base for long notes here and it feels awkward to play. For example, making it like this
01:30:036 (90036|1,90036|2) - fine, but the following sliders aren't, it really doesn't work well with the sung 'pre-sent.' However, when I put notes based on the voice, I found out that this part is timed too late, the offset just sounds horribly wrong, and when putting 1/4 notes, it's really obvious. So for now, I won't change anything of this part because it's too hard. After I'm done modding, I'll check music timing and maybe fiddle with this part a bit.
01:40:036 (100036|3,100036|0,100661|2,100661|1,101286|3,101286|0,101911|2,101911|1) - while weird, I like the overlapping sliders
01:47:380 (107380|2) - good
01:48:786 (108786|3,108786|0) - works
01:50:036 (110036|3,110348|2,110661|1,110973|0) - not sure about those, but fine, they would probably feel more integrated if there were more of those
02:07:536 (127536|1,127536|2,127848|3,128161|2,128161|0,128473|3,128786|2,128786|1,129411|2,129411|0) - they are not really based on anything, but it plays nice in context
02:16:286 (136286|0,136286|2,136911|3,136911|1,137536|2,137848|0,138161|1,138473|3,138786|2,139098|1,139411|0) - After the first two doublesliders, I don't like the other ones, I think they should be clicks instead. The first two (four) are fine though.
02:20:036 (140036|3,140036|1,140661|0,140661|2) - fine, especially if you make the other ones before them clicks, then it fits well. But I'd make them threesliders, not doublesliders, to emphasize more. The whole sections ended up looking like this for me
02:25:036 (145036|2,145036|0,145348|3,145661|2,145973|3,146286|2,146286|0,146598|3,146911|1,146911|2,147223|3,147536|2) - plays really well
02:31:598 (151598|1) - totally fine, as well as the other sliders in that fashion in the end part
02:40:348 (160348|3) - a cute slider
02:42:536 (162536|3,163473|2) - Not really sure about those sliders at the end. It's not like the really fit or have a basis in the music, but I think they are fine to acceptable.
02:44:411 (164411|2) - va
02:45:661 (165661|0,166911|3) - va
02:48:161 (168161|0,168161|3,168473|2,168786|3,169098|0,169098|1) - I think these fit



- screenshot to prove I'm not just complaining because I can't play it

- I found that there are HEAVY quality issues in because of your usage of live mapping, but not checking thoroughly if the placement of notes is fine. Very often the timing of individual notes is wrong by 1/8th.

- Your original difficulty star ratings were 1.67 and 1.89, which really isn't much different. Of course star rating (especially for mania) isn't a very good measure, but the diffs aren't apart by a lot. The harder difficulty really is just some doubles. See next point.

- I don't find this diff a lot of fun to play, mostly because it's just spam of doubles, even at times when it doesn't fit. I think it would be good to rethink some parts and the general rhythm desired. There are a lot of parts in the music where (slow)streams of 4 or 5 would be possible instead of doubles or triples. If those streams have doubleclicks or even tripleclicks in between, that is of sufficient difficulty.

- has the same difficulty settings as easier diff, change HP and OD at least 1 up or lower the settings of the other diff (both options are fine in my opinion)

- I won't mod this for now. You should fix the note placement of this, maybe rethink the diff and when I have time again, I'll come back and mod it.
I dunno what I was thinking.
Leaving my child behind.
Now I suffer the curse and now I am blind.

With all this anger, guilt and sadness,
coming to haunt me forever.
I can't wait for the cliff at the end of the river.

Is this revenge I am seeking
Or seeking someone to avenge me?
Stuck in my own paradox I wanna set myself free.

Maybe I should chase and find
before they'll try to stop it.
It won't be long before I'll become a puppet.

It's been so long,
since I last have seen my son,
lost to this monster.
To the man behind the slaughter.

Since you've been gone,
I've been singing this stupid song,
so I could ponder,
the sanity of your mother.

I wish I lived in the present,
with the gift of my past mistakes.
But the future keeps luring in like a pack of snakes.

Your sweet little eyes, your little smile,
is all I remember.
Those fuzzy memories mess with my temper.

Justification is killing me.
But killing isn't justified.
What happened to my son? I'm terrified.

It lingers in my mind and the thought keeps on getting bigger.
I'm sorry my sweet baby, I wish I've been there.

It's been so long,
since I last have seen my son,
lost to this monster.
To the man behind the slaughter.

Since you've been gone,
I've been singing this stupid song,
so I could ponder,
The sanity of your mother.
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Thank you sooo much for the reply Tani. When I get home I will take a look at everything and make it better.

Thanks again,
Okay, so looking at the timing, using these sections: ,
I think I timed the slow part correctly now. Probably. When putting notes onto her voice, it sounds correct, like this:
So it should be fine like that. Probably.

Now if you want to map it like that, or more slowly with more sliders, that is up to you, though I think it shouldn't all be sliders and have some doubles or click-slider-doubles at least.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I forgot halfing the BPM again, like it should be. So half all those numbers.
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