How Did You Discover Anime?

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I don't remember how
From anime YouTube channels apparently.

(Not giving his channel's name 'cause you know what every wants in the internet: ATTENTION.)
I found it when I was looking over my sister's shoulder when i was younger
Brent Parker
My sister XD
[- LenoxHD -]
I was too innocent before i discovered anime. I was just scrolling through Facebook and found a lewd anime scene, I was curious so i did some research and started watching that anime xD. And after than happen more and more lewd anime stuff appear on my Facebook. Curiosity probably helped me discover anime :v

(The anime was Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo)
by a PSP game kekekekek
Found Pokemon somehow. don't know where
I started to watch pokemon, a lot of it, now im hooked, now i usually watch anime on crunchyroll or something
I saw cool art styles on a museum
Siblings made me play Project Diva (yes that Vocaloid rhythm game). Got curious and used Google.
I discovered Anime when I watched one episode of Naruto on RTL ;p Can't remember exactly when.
Gang Cartoon and MCOT's Thai dubs.
tbh Doraemon Thai dubs are the best anime dub you'll ever hear in Thailand.
then never touched anime again since 7 until now
i got interested in anime again bc Kobayashi's dragon maid amd now im a weeb
and, oh one of my friends used to challenge me to dance to highschool dxd's op but i thought anime=hentai back then so
I remembered one day that I used to read a Naruto manga and I was curious if there was an animated series of it. And then found out that there were lots of other anime out there.
When I was 5, my friend happened to have the entire Inuyasha anime series and we would watch even with our parents around
they didn't really care tho :ooo
also from plain old television with the usual Dragon Ball, Naruto, Pokemon, etc :,D
I walked in my cousin's house with clannad on the TV and started watching it.
thought it was pretty nice but never touched anime until a year later
as a kid my father actually always watched dragonball with me and my brother. thus we started watching more anime on local tv as kids. a few years without anime went by and suddenly my brother started watching this new show, naruto. i thought it was a ga* kids show and didn't bother much but since my brother always urged me to, one day i gave it another chance. since i'm posting in this forum, you can probably imagine the rest of the story

(sorry if typos; on mobile phone rn)
Well, I started playing osu!.. So that's how I got into this.. :D
Well, my cousin introduced me and my brother to another, then like a year later we watched chuu2byo with a similar protagonist and started to like it !
FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES tbh but i get distracted by the plot and that's where it starts :)
When I was in 7th grade my friend showed me Sgt Frog which was my first anime
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