How Did You Discover Anime?

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By my brother, He said that I watched Fate Stay Night and Gakuen Alice (an old anime shows) while I was a kid, I don't really remember though.. I really want to remember it!
got recommended it by my cousins :P
gave up shortly tho xD
then recommended again from my sister~
While I was ~4 I tried watching Pokemon since I liked it, but my brother always turned the tv off and I didn't know what anime really was. Later I found out, when I was around 10, that you could watch it with internet and what it really was. And I still watch it now.
Saw my cousin watching Fairy Tail during great grandma's funeral. Watched with him, asked for the title, then continued watching at home.
I was forced to watch TV when i used to be in elementary school because my parents both worked fulltime, and then it started with Animes like Digimon and Card Captor Sakura, and today, Card Captor Sakura is still one of my favorites ♥ Then i didn't watch it for years but when I woke up, i remembered it and rewatched everything and now i'm totally addicted to animes and mangas :D
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friends and because AOT looked interesting xD
watching it on tv
My dad bought me a DVD of the first Naruto Episode when i was about 6, But i never really found interest until 2013.
I used to fall asleep on the couch as a kid while I watched stuff like Eureka 7 or InuYasha. I didn't know it was anime then, though. Years later, at the beginning of highschool, a guy told me about Angel Beats!
Nee-chan told me about it ...i was a kid back then and we were watching. " Chibi maroko chan "
Then i serched for anime and watched " lovely complex " the found alot of anime websites
And BOOM i became an Otaku ! :):):D
I've been introduced to anime since i was a kid, when doraemon still shows up on the tv xD

but how do i discover anime? I got curious by One-Punch Man and ask my otaku friend about it, he then let me streaming a few episode in his house, and i watched the rest episode in my home. i am, a shut-in who likes watching anime and reading manga :lol:
I grew up with the Fire Emblem game series since my uncle is a collector of those games, and I watched the OVA anime based on the first game. After that, I ventured off to shows like Princess Tutu and Baccano, and I wound up where I am today, constantly adding to my list of animes to watch.

EshkushMeh xD wrote:

A friend of mine let me borrow her collection of anime DVDs and then I got hooked :D
After that, I searched for more anime to watch and then... I became an otaku :)

(... or weeaboo. Which is the right term? ._.)
Otaku is addicted to anime/loves it.

Weaboo is an obsession.
I got involved by reading light novels of Suzumiya Haruhi series.
First time I've seen bleach on old popular polish TV channel called Hyper. After many years my friend told me to watch fullmetal alchemist and I became an otaku.
My cousin introduce me to Naruto when i was like 9 or 10, liked it enough to watch it through, after i catched up with manga i read untill the last chapter and then i found out it was still ongoing at that point. Was really tired of waiting for the next one so i found Bleach, then One Piece, then FMA, Death Note...
I was on Netflix when I found anime lol
Had a very nice group of friends who introduced me to actually watching animes, but before that I googled it so I could copy images off Google and draw them out, that's how I started drawing too.
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