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Cute team's mania queue (closed)

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Hi... going to random mod as it seems... 4K xD

Type of request: NM
Name of the beatmap: Wagakki Band - Valkyrie -Ikusa Otome- (TV Size)
Length: 1:28 (1:28 drain)
Diff(s) you want modded/prioritized/mapped: As you want since you normally dont map 4K

HS will follow
Sorry guys, had some serious irl stuff to attend this past weeks and also had finals, so I was unable to even consider the idea of modding. Anyways, at the end of the day, I only chose to do the GD request by Erika.

Don't worry, it's not because your map is not interesting, if you were in the list above (my last post in this thread before this one), you had already picked my interest , be it on song choice, or because of the mapping style, or may be because I like you, whatever the reason, you got my interest. But I haven't been enjoying the game too much these past month, since the little time I had available was to mod/map, and I would prefer playing the game instead of doing a mod or a map (Don't get me wrong here either, I love modding and mapping, but doing it above playing is not what I would like).

So, considering Kivi have been busy with irl stuff, and I'm taking a break from modding and mapping (after I finish Erika's request ofc), I will announce this queue as:


But for those who I promised a mod and didn't delivered, I'll make a particular exception for you guys, as a sorry of my part. You can catch me in-game if you would like me to still mod our map, and instead of a mod, we can do it as an IRC mod, but more on the side of a testplay. I'll play the maps, and check what felt wrong, uncomfortable, or simply what could have been better, and we discuss it politely. If you don't know if I'm talking about you, here's a list of those guys I'm talking about:

DJ Profetti Hashimoto Miyuki - Symphonic Love
XeoStyle The Faceless - Autotheist Movement
Etsu SHK - Follow Me!
PnX yanaginagi - Haru Modoki
Hudaya- Yuuzuki Tsubaki - Kyun Kyun Tamaran Inaba-tan.

If you are not on this list, then either I never promised you anything, or I clearly forgot about it.
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Opened again, after a long time. Leave your requests, but make sure you've read the rules before :з
my map here >>> Horie Yui - Presenter

thank you kivicat :D
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All done

just focus on the 7K. thx xd
[ NumLock ]
hello kivi

NM request ~

its 6k marathon set.
hope you like it.

thankyou ~
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Rivals_7 wrote:

just focus on the 7K. thx xd
Mods this week: 1
Доброго времени суток.

Нужен заключительный мод для мания мода на 7к дифу "Sudden Assault"

Заранее благодарю!
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Alsty- wrote:

hello kivi

NM request ~

its 6k marathon set.
hope you like it.

thankyou ~
Mods this week: 2
Illya X Ram Li
Hii Kivi :>

NM Request

4k map

thanks :>
finally a queue that I can participate in (more 6k stuff)

thanks in advance
Thanks in advance :)
Captain Cusheen
oh wowie a 9k Modder :D
Sam concepcion, Tippy dos santos & Quest - DATI

If it is okay for you to mod my map :3 with this type of song
Hai again, NM request

Thank you!
Mentholzzz mod the 7k diff pls
Salty Mermaid
Title: Everything will freeze
Length: 3:13
Keys: 7k
mod this pls!!!
Also, idk if you have time for this, but can you do gds? If yes, i would really appreciate if you could do one on my beatmap.
a LN-heavy 7K map
the outro hasn't been modded yet so i request you to focus on that part (although modding the whole map is very okay)

thanks :d
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