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I'm unable to play osu for like 4 yers now, every time i go into the game i see that my audio/video driver should be updated and my record wont be recorded. Yesterday i decided to try osu and after a lot of updates i started osu and i was playing whole day with errors, i thought new client fixed this, now i rebooted my pc, and when i go into the game i see the same exact error again =(

My video drivers are latest (4 years in a row)
Audio drivers the same
I have i7 win7 x64
I can give any access to my pc for any person who knows whats the problem via teamviewer skype. I just want to play osu, but this bug really annoying =(

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20150203.7 (latest)
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Solved by deleting asus speed tool
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