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First off, in general it's a really pretty map, very fun to play! :D

Easy (Normal?):
00:52:509 (1) - Consider reversing this slider, it is opposite from where the last beat ended.
00:54:164 (1) - Consider reversing this slider, it is opposite from where the last beat ended.
01:11:336 (1) - Consider moving this one? It seems randomly placed.
01:23:957 (1) - Add this to the previous combo? It doesnt make sense for it to be a combo all it's own.
-The whole thing kind of suffers from kiai over-usage, also, but it really doesn't detract from the map overall, so feel free to ignore this suggestion, if need be.

00:18:371 (2) - Too far away from slider (1) and (3) , consider moving Slider3 up one grid space and putting the hit circle between them?
00:20:234 (1) - Waaaaay out of range. Move it closer to (2).
00:23:544 (1,2)- One of these is too far apart. Move one closer to the other.
00:27:682 (1) - Consider reversing this slider, it is opposite from where the last beat ended.
00:37:613 (1) - This is too far away from the last beat.
00:39:061 (4,5) - These are too far away from the last beat, consider reversing?
00:49:199 (3 4,5,6) - This section feels very awkward, consider re-arranging it.
01:09:061 (1,3) - consider switching these two sliders. Slider1 goes the wrong way.
01:10:716 (1) - Consider moving this andadding to the previous combo? It seems out of place.
01:17:337 (1) - Reverse this slider. It doesn't match up with the one following it.
01:20:440 (7) - It feels like it's left over from the blue combo, consider adding it to the red?
01:23:958 (1) - Add this to the previous combo, it doesn't seem right for it to be a combo all it's own.
- Almost the whole song is kiai, consider reducing the kiai time.

Overall, though, it was a very good map. :D Good job! *thumbs up*
You get a star! XD
I really like the color scheme. It matches the background without hiding any circles.

Hard has about a dozen spacing errors according to AIMod, but most of them look like 1-grid non-issues/intentional so I'll assume you left them there on purpose. They certainly aren't noticeable in a playthrough.
Can't find anything special but the spacings in [Hard].
Example: 01:09:474 - 01:09:888 is less space between the circles than from 01:11:336 - 01:11:750. It was not a problem for me while playing because it's only a very very short distance, but some people may have problems with that.

Nothing found. Good job.
same as fartownik, I think your map has a very fine spacing and structure. good job~
I checked it over and found little issues. Distance snap FTW!!!!

My only finding.


01:05:750 (3,4,1,2,1) – Move these one unit to the right
01:11:336 (1,1,2) – Same

Of course this gets a star.
meh, very clean
hmmmmm offset -12? (1187)

Completely unneed nazi mod-

Beginning soft sections are a bit quiet (on both)

Normal- Normal indeed
00:20:647 (2) - add whistle (matches music)?
00:23:957 (2) - ^?
00:26:854 (1,2) - ^
00:42:578 (2) - didn't think finish fit, just leave it hitsoundless
01:24:578 (1) - ...remove new combo? or do that for the single note before this...?

Hard- o.o easy map
00:35:946 (5) - have this slider sound like 00:32:635 (5)??... or the other way around.. ah, 00:32:635 (5) is on 1/1 and 35:946 is on 1/4, even though they sound the same, one follows instrumental and the other follow vocal... odd... but hardly noticeable... (though I did)
00:36:773 (7) - remove that end finish please
Rest sounds fine
Red: You must fix this.
Blue: You'd better do sth with this imo.
Green: Just suggestions.

offset: I got about -7 (1192).
i don't know if it's a "just suggestion", but i think when you want hitsounds on a slider you just choose the slider and press W or E or R, this may save time for you, but not good imo. it will change not only the hitsounds on beats but also change the sounds of sliderslide. i think your map will sounds better if you notice this.

tbh, i know stacks with a low stack lenienc can work well, but i just don't want too many of them.
slider tick rate:1 since you use lots of 3/4 beats, and the slidertick doesn't fit.
00:44:854 (1) - too loud for me. and i don't think normal-whistle fits.....
00:46:509 (1) - ^
00:50:854 (1) - remove finish.
00:52:509 (1) - ^
01:04:095 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - boring to me.
01:18:578 (3,1) - a small spacing problem here.
01:19:819 (2,3) - this time a big one orz. i think you want them be symmetrical, then it may be better if you change the position of (1) & (2)
01:24:578 (1) - remove new combo.

again, slider tick rate:1
00:43:820 (4) - nazi. 1 grid down. and i think you can make this slider ends on axis-Y, symmetrical place of (1)
01:23:958 (1) - remove new combo.
the second kiai ends different from [Normal], i think you should fix it.
[Mod Infos]

Azure: Suggestions.
Blue: You should fix this.


  • • Delete the osb file
    • Add some tags
    • Slider Tick Rate: 1


  • • 01:37:199 (1) - End this spinner here 01:40:302 (red tick)


  • • 01:39:682 (1) - End this spinner here 01:41:750 (white tick)
Hello there!
I suggest limiting your use if kiai time - practically half of your song has it (both difficulties)

00:43:19 (1) - Make the first beat of this (on the word "you're) a separate circle then the slider for the rest of it
01:11:33 (1) - Same thing here

Hard looks good. Good luck with your map :)
Firstly, it's "sliderslide.wav".
Secondly, you don't even use custom hitsounds on normal sections in this map. You use C1 on a soft section, but you don't even have any soft hitsound files...?????

And to include this into the newest beatmap pack... RANKED!

MaxwellDemon wrote:

And to include this into the newest beatmap pack... RANKED!
Seemed like a dumb reason to rank a map just to complete #203 pack could have used one of the relevent maps to include to fill the extra slot... :|
I am personally going onto a bubble run soon. So, I didn't mind doing it for that reason. :P
EDIT: And it was accidentally included in pack 204, that's why I ranked it. :P
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