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Kitsu Black by Razenas
Beta release for my KitsuBlk skin, as seen on TV! *cough* I mean twitch

Feel free to drop along any opinions on the skin, and/or issues that need addressing (This is mostly untested on resolutions other than 1440x900)

.PSD file for custom scorebar names included (clean scorebar is the default for those that like nameless bars, or do not have access to photoshop and therefore can use other means to add their name. (Font used in Screenshot is )

Disclaimer: The included hitsounds are sounds that I have been using for quite awhile now - and I have no idea what skins they are originally from, or who may have made them. If you are the creator of a sound and are displeased with my use of it, please message me and a solution can be arranged. ^^

-Low res HP bar misaligned
-Some text might be too thin and becomes very hard to read when downscaled (ie. mod icons in mutliplayer)
Song Selection




KitsuBlk0.1 - Beta Posted
Since apparently this is an issue and crediting creators isn't simply common sense, using parts of this skin for your personal collab skin is fine as long as credit is given where credit is due.
Use by renaming the skin in its entirety to your own name and changing the author does not make this yours to distribute. Use on livestream is permitted so long as you link people to this original post when asked for a download link and don't claim it as your own skin.

Congratulations, now you aren't being a douche! :D

Download Here:
This is the best skin i have used in a while!

<3 Thank you so much Raz~
Why you not tell me about the skin on the forums ;w;
Nice skin dude, love it <3
The back-sound 8-)
P.D: Can I marry the reverse arrow? Kappa
Looks great!
This skin is both pretty and competitive,

Loving it!
I'm loving this skin! Keep up the good work!
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I am honored that you all enjoy the skin as much as you do. <3
I Hopefully this weekend I get a chance to fix some of the issues I listed.
I'm really keen for this! :D

You also going to have any alternative colours for this skin as well? (of course keeping the black).
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[ Jibby ] wrote:

You also going to have any alternative colours for this skin as well? (of course keeping the black).
One I actually get all the nit-picking stuff finished I'm sure I could do that. Any ideas for the alternate color scheme?
I guess you could have like:
- Orange & Black
- Pink & Black
- Red & Black
- Blue & Black
- White & Black
- Purple & Black
Just what ever really comes to mind to be honest. (Don't have to do ALL, just what you want or if anyone wants a specific colour).
Might also want to add in some personal customization, like some alternative cursors, combo burst, circles. Just have them in a subfolder within the skin called "Extra Content" or what ever haha. That is if you want to put all that effort into it of course.
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I will definitely have extra cursors and maybe some extra hit circles. I probably wont end up doing combo bursts because not too many people that i know actually use them. Some extra stuff will eventually be there. I just need to actually get a chance to work on it (and some motivation)
Haha, yeah, it is a lot of work, and some of it will be tough to do, but I wish you luck and hope you will find the motivation!

This is also one of the best kitsu skins I've ever used too!

Just on an extra note, this is one of the skins my mate did, he made it so you can customize it to how you would like it. I would recommend checking it out, I really like it: t/246201
Nice skin. Even if it's just one, any thought about adding combobursts?
Pretty solid skin I must say.
Good job Razen, <3
Thanks for the skin, looks really good!
I love this Skin and reading is good :)
Downloading won't work for me :o

Haelinea wrote:

Downloading won't work for me :o ...

For you :D
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Haelinea wrote:

Downloading won't work for me :o
Weird, the puush link should still be working.

Fatal3ty wrote:

Haelinea wrote:

Downloading won't work for me :o ...

For you :D
Thanks for the alternate DL Fatal3ty!
Can i post that to the original post for people having issues with the puush link?
Satan soul-
Nice skin
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