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i want this to happen!!! c:
Seems like a really good idea ! Rockband and Guitarhero used to do something along these lines, where you would create playlists .The only difference would be the separate rankings thing, which imo would make it all the more interesting . Have a star !
Awesome Idea!

I want to see this happening! ^ㅅ^ Such an awesome idea !
Nice idea, and what if we could add an option for just play the Kiai parts of X songs, something similar to a marathon.
I would thoroughly enjoy this +1
It seems like all the nice ideas has been postet a long time ago. This was 7 years :D

But yeah sub +2 !

Jutschl wrote:

It seems like all the nice ideas has been postet a long time ago. This was 7 years :D

But yeah sub +2 !
Well, it is "only" at 600 after 7 years so maybe we get it in 2022.
Sounds like fun.
Would be cool if we could pick songs from our library to play nonstop and then maybe also have an option to save the "playlist"? Of course, that means that it wouldn't be ranked... Which is fine by me

Alex311360 wrote:

Random involves using every single song in your library.
You can configure what kind of difficulty you want to play based on stars (ex. range of 2-3.5 star songs only).
You can choose how many songs you want to play in a row (ex. infinite, 10, etc.)
You can choose if you want to play more than 1 map from a mapset (ex. play the same song more than once)

Shuffle through your favorite artist's songs. Only their songs will be picked. Same configurations as Random.

Setup a playlist of songs you want to go through. You can select mods to be enabled on the songs you choose, and then promptly disabled/changed on the next.

Daily Challenge
Daily Challenge has 4 difficulties: Easy, Difficult, and Intense.
Easy consists of 3 ranked songs ranging from 1 to 2.5 stars. No mods will be enabled by default, although you can add some.
Difficult consists of 4 ranked songs ranging from 3 to 4.5 stars. Some mods will be enabled, however you can turn them off (unranked on daily challenge leaderboards, however).
Intense consists of 5 ranked songs ranging from 5 to 7 stars. Mods will probably be enabled on all songs. Again, turn offable. However, just for the hell of it, you could make it so you can't turn it off. Due to the amount of difficult songs though, mods may not be a good idea.

Leaderboards will show who has the top score on all overall songs for the challenge. Leader by the end of the day gets osu!direct for the next day, and a counter will be on their profile showing how many times they've gotten to 1st place. If the player is already supporter, nothing happens. An announcement on #announce will show who got #1.

A optional idea would be to vote to see what songs would be picked for the next challenges. However, once a song has been voted to be chosen, it won't be able to be chosen until next month. (if it's bad enough it could be next year?)

Couldn't find anything similar on search, so thought I'd bring this up.

Unsure how well this idea would work, but it seems challenging and fun for all. What do you guys think?
Ideas from another thread.

Take a invisible star.
I had different ideas of where something like this might go, so here are some idea of how this would act.

1.) There'd be a button labelled "Queue" and you could add individual maps in a certain order and press another button to start the sequence. There would an option to shuffle map order to make things more interesting when you play through them
2.)It could be under the collections tab, where you would just press some button on the collection title and play through a sequence of randomly selected maps from said collection.

Also, it could handle failure in several different ways.
1.) You could have an option to make it so that if you fail any song in a queue you set up, it would fail you out of the whole sequence and you would either restart or quit from there
2.) Make it so that if you fail, you just keep retrying before you're allowed to move on
3.) have a life system where you can only fail so many times before restarting the queue (and maybe there would be checkpoints)
-(thinking about checkpoints made me think that at a certain interval number of songs, you could have the game automatically give you a harder song [out of the songs you picked, of course.] depending on the queue length, it would make measure the star level of each song selected to be a "boss" stage and spread them out in ascending order, with the very last map you play being the very hardest out of maps selected)
4.) If you fail once, it would just give you a chance to retry or move on to the next song. (and you can always press retry and quit in the pause menu, unless you're playing the mode where you have limited lives. Then, pressing retry would count as losing a life.)
5.) Blitz mode! would be no retries allowed, and if you fail a song you're immediately sent to the next song in the queue, without even seeing the result screen. (If game is paused in blitz mode, the only options would be "continue" or "quit")

All these and more are ideas that could be done in both single player and multiplayer (although i was thinking about it from a single player perspective)

All the ideas listed could be a whole separate set of mods that you could put on your queue (in combination with things like playing ALL maps in a queue with existing mods)

I know a lot of people have requested playlists and peppy has said no, since osu is not a music player. But this wouldn't have to play songs while afk/idle.
Limit it however you have to, but from an experince view, this seems like it would make for an interesting and compelling addition to osu.

Obviously this is a vague concept I have with certain specific images in my head, so don't be too critical of the little things. I just wanted to speak my part as well.
This could be used to try out harder maps or maps you're stuck on.
I would love to see this~
If you can select specific maps on the endurance mode, I'm in. Voted.
Support +1
This would be really cool.
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