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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 1:28:38 PM

Artist: Kobaryo
Title: Kumo No Kireme [feat. kourin.]
Source: Chaotic Solutions
Tags: psycho filth records chaotic solutions speedcore
BPM: 256
Filesize: 7825kb
Play Time: 03:20
Difficulties Available:
  1. HD - 4Key (3.12 stars, 1645 notes)
  2. MX - 4Key (4.05 stars, 2140 notes)
  3. NM - 4Key (1.98 stars, 822 notes)
  4. SC - 4Key (5.19 stars, 2561 notes)
  5. SHD - 4Key (6.22 stars, 2758 notes)

Download: Kobaryo - Kumo No Kireme [feat. kourin.]
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
NEW DIFFICULTY ADDED - PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD (if you don't have 5 diffs)

Wow this beatmap is loved! I am glad everybody is still enjoying the map! Thanks for playing!

- After talking with BAT's, an additional difficulty was required before it was rankable.
- "SC" difficulty is now "SHD" difficulty.
- A new 5 star difficulty has been introduced which is now the "SC" difficulty.

So many thanks to tornspirit for hitsounding the map! Woo!
I've played this map many times! I love it! Hope it gets ranked! :)
Have a mod :)
00:17:446 - chords on percussion something like this

00:28:696 - 00:30:453 - should have 2 notes on each chord
02:10:883 - 1/4 stream from here
01:01:977 (61977|2,62094|2,62211|2,62328|2,62446|2) - These can be chords
01:07:602 - replace pattern with something like this

01:10:883 - 1/4 is probably more suitable

02:20:961 - 1/4 should be used instead of a slider
02:28:461 - This flows slightly better

02:35:961 - 1/4 instead of slider
02:39:711 - 1/4 instead of slider
00:28:696 - 00:30:453 - probably should be 2 notes on each because of percussion + melodic line
00:35:961 (35961|2) - >00:35:990 (35990|2)
00:39:008 (39008|1) - Slider should start at 00:39:184 (same as 00:46:684 (46684|0))
00:39:008 (39008|0) - move to 3 (keeps with mapping style
00:49:438 - Use this pattern because in all other cases of 1/4 in this section, 2 notes are used on the 1/4 timings

01:02:446 - delete a note
02:01:508 - 02:06:196 - 1/2 timings should all have 1 note on them?
02:27:992 (147992|3,147992|0,148168|3,148344|3) - move these back to 02:27:934
02:47:446 - maybe make the 4 note chords 3 note chords in this section to avoid 260 bpm 1/8 jacks
02:54:946 - 02:58:696 - Maybe vary the trill types eg. 13->24 or 14->23
03:10:063 - same as 00:49:438

Im lazy so no mod on nm ;)
Thank you very much for the mod Shirinisu! You caught some important things that I'd missed!

Break down of post-mod changes:
Change 1 - added!
Change 2 - Not added, due to previous change (would make it too hard for HD diff).
Change 3 - Not added (1/4 stream probably too hard for HD diff at this BPM).

Change 1 - added!
Change 2 - added! (but easier patterns because trills at this BPM are needlessly hard for MX).
Change 3 - Not added, due to the previous section already being 1/4 but then this part getting faster
it would not match the music if it was played at the same speed.
Change 4 - 02:20:434 (140434|3,140785|0) - both sliders follow FX in the music so weren't removed.
Change 5 - added!
Change 6 and 7 not added for the same reason as Change 3.

Change 1 - added! (However the reason for them being single notes was to not detract from
the intensity of the next section of kicks.)
Change 2 added!
Change 3 added!
Change 4 added!
Change 5 added!
Change 6 - Not added, because the extra note is for the cymbal and to accentuate the change of section.
Change 7 - That wouldn't match the music. If you slow it down you'll notice that the bass is only on the notes I've mapped.
Change 8 added!
Change 9 added!
Change 10 - The map originally had varied trill types but it was much harder / more uncomfortable / anti-fun to read & play.
Change 11 added!
The map is ok, but i find some note sounds quite disturbing while im playing
It is ok not to change it , I can just close down effect sound. Just reminding :D

Amethyst507 wrote:

The map is ok, but i find some note sounds quite disturbing while im playing
It is ok not to change it , I can just close down effect sound. Just reminding :D
Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into modifying some hitsound volumes :)

edit: Tornspirit has updated the hitsounds!
For the map to be rankable, you need to take the "4K" out of the diff names, since it is a 4K only beatmap and they are not needed.
Thanks for the feedback, I updated the difficulty names :)
A long time ago (When I was a noob) I wanted this ranked... I didn't know how to mod back then, but now I do... Kinda 8-)

  • SC
    00:39:711 to 00:39:946 should be 8th notes
    00:56:235 slide the note to the left by one & flip 00:56:352 horizontally
    01:06:196 could be a single note... It sounds different... you dont have to change it though
    02:51:196 could be a triple... but doesn't have to either. It sounds different though. same with 02:53:188
    02:54:594 can be a triple
    03:06:196 to 03:12:758 looks copy pasted. Some ghost notes are there OR some notes are missing.
  • MX
    01:01:625 move this note to the left by 2
  • HD
    Nothing or I may be blind.
  • NM
    02:43:696 to 02:50:492 You cannot use more than 7 of the same notes in a row to be ranked
    00:17:446 make a single note instead of a double
    00:39:125 to 00:39:946 Map the weird noise instead of what you did. Also map the 8th note drums as a hold
    again 00:46:625 to 00;47:446
    00:47:446 to 01:02:446 remove the double notes
    01:04:321 make a single note instead of a double note
    01:08:071 make a single instead of a double
    01:09:946 to 01:13:696 map the drums using holds
    02:17:211 map 8th notes using a hold
    02:20:375 is an 8th too early
    02:20:961 map 8th notes using a hold
    same with 02:24:711
    02:27:758 to 02:28:696 Map the weird noise instead of what you did. Also map the 8th note drums as a hold
    02:28:461 to 02:28:696 map 8th notes as a hold
    02:32:211 map 8th drums as a hold
    From 02:32:446 to 02:43:637 is clearly copy pasted. Try using holds to map the drums at this part

That's all!
Thanks for the mod @CommandoBlack!

Here's the breakdown of the post-mod changes:

Change 1: Added!
Change 2: Added!
Change 3: Left as 2 note since there's a cymbal sound there in the music.
Change 4: Leaving these as they are, because it'd create uncomfortable mini-jacks (anti-fun patterning).
Change 5: Added!
Change 6: I'm not sure what you meant here. It's not copy pasted though, I just felt like only the kicks were prevalent enough to require mapping at that point in the song.
Change 1: Added!
No changes proposed!
Change 1: Added! I didn't know that rule. I've changed the patterns for that section.
Change 2: Left it as it is. The second note is over a cymbal sound in the music. It keeps the mood exciting, adds clarity to section structure and immerses the player in the music more.
Change 3: Left as it is. I tried adding this change but it made it too difficult for NM level players to be able to time.
Change 4: Left as it is. I tried adding this change but this section becomes very boring without the double notes.
Change 5: Left as it is. (Same reason as Change #2)
Change 6: Same as #5.
Change 7: Left as it is. (Same reason as Change #3)
Change 8: Added!
Change 9: Left as it is. This was following a different instrument than what came in 1/8th after it.
Change 10: Added!
Change 11: Left as it is (Same reason as Change #3)
Change 12: Added!
Change 13: Added!
Change 14: Left as it is (Same reason as Change #3)
Change 15: Didn't map the drums as holds (Same reason as Change #3) but did make changes to the patterns (but not timing).

Thanks again for the mod, the changes to the SC difficulty were especially useful!
Oh my god, I saw that you updated this and I was like, "Yesss, can we please?" so yeah, incoming mod because my finals can screw themselves.
A maybe finished mod? Will update it with more diffs modded if I can find the time, but it'll probably be in a second post.

CommandoBlack wrote:

02:43:696 to 02:50:492 You cannot use more than 7 of the same notes in a row to be ranked
No, it's not in the same column as in a jack, it means simultaneously or at once, so whatever pattern you had before was perfectly rankable.

Ranking Criteria wrote:

You are not allowed to put more than 6 notes simultaneously.
Considering most keyboards use USB connections which do not allow 7 simultaneous presses, we make this rule to help more people enjoy the game. The end of hold notes are an exception, because they are released and not pressed.
Column 1|2|3|4

- There's quite a large difficulty gap between MX and SC (about 2.16*), so I'm just going to be blunt and say that you should probably make an intermediate diff between them, or find a GDer. I'd like to do one, but I shouldn't be trusted to map high difficulties XD
- Some of the stuff I mention in the NM mod may increase SR to more than 2*. If that's the case, I'm willing to do an EZ GD if you'd like.
- Ok, maybe tone down OD of NM to 7 ~ 7.2? 8 feels a little too harsh for NM, even if there aren't a lot of LN's.
- I would increase HP of MX to ~8.3 to avoid button mashing to pass during the denser streams.
- Increase HP of HD to about ~7.6 for same reason as above?
- Add "psycho filth records chaotic solutions speedcore backfire" (tags stolen from here)
- Uncheck widescreen support in all difficulties since you don't have an SB.
- TornSpirit's hitsounding is just amazingggg
00:39:125 - Suggest an LN here and end at 00:39:711 to represent that buildup sound. While it technically starts at 00:39:184 I think you can get away with having it here, preferably in lane 1.
00:39:711 - Suggest LN in 4 and end at 00:39:946 to represent the 1/8(?) drum? So I basically did this
00:46:508 - In measure 47, try something like this to represent the transition into the next section I basically moved 00:46:625 (46625|0) to 00:46:684 and deleted 00:46:977 (46977|1) then moved 00:47:094 (47094|2) to 00:47:035 and removed 00:47:211 (47211|1) finally moving 00:47:328 (47328|0) to 00:47:211
00:58:578 - Add a note here for kick?
00:58:696 (58696|2) - If above is accepted, move to 4.
00:58:696 - Consider adding an LN here to represent the 1/8, then 1/4 drum. End at 00:58:930
01:09:946 - Suggest an LN here to represent the 1/4 drums in the background. End at 01:11:586
01:10:883 - If above is accepted, add another LN here and end at the same place as above. This part is basically the same as the first verse, but there's a lot more going on here, so I think you should at least differentiate the parts somehow with a slightly different style of mapping. (Do I sound like I'm imposing my standards on you? I'm sorry! I don't mean it that way if I do happen to come across that way).
01:32:446 (92446|0) - The sustained sound which I assume this LN represents doesn't end until 01:35:258 similar to 01:17:446 (77446|0) so remove 01:34:321 (94321|3) and extend the first LN I mentioned to this LN's endpoint.
02:20:844 (140844|2) - Move to 1 since 02:20:727 (140727|3,140844|2,140961|3) is kind of right hand heavy for NM since you hit two notes and then a hold on the same hand.
02:26:586 or 02:26:703 (146703|0) - Since there's a short pause here, I'd suggest either adding an LN at the time mentioned and ending at 02:26:821 or removing the note I highlighted to accentuate the pause.
02:35:961 - Suggest LN here for 1/8 burst and end at 02:36:196
02:35:375 (155375|0) - Suggest moving to 02:35:317
02:35:610 (155610|3) - Suggest moving to 02:35:492
02:35:727 (155727|0) - Suggest moving to 02:35:668 If you apply these three suggestions, it should look something like this
02:36:078 (156078|0) - I'd probably also recommend removing this since it's a fairly quiet sound compared to the rest of this measure. Only apply if you applied the above three suggestions.
02:39:946 to 02:41:352 - Consider adding a consistent 1/1 beat on the white lines to signify the change in drums? You might even change the notes that are currently following the synth to be a single - double - single - double pattern of 1/1.
02:42:992 - Suggest LN for the decelerating "whoosh" kind of sound and end at 02:43:461
02:43:461 - Suggest LN for 1/8 drum sound and end at 02:43:696
02:47:094 - Consider adding a single note for the snare(?).
02:47:211 - Consider an LN for the 1/4 drum here, and end at 02:47:446
02:52:836 - Suggest LN here for the 1/4 burst, end at 02:53:188
02:58:227 (178227|0,178461|1) - Suggest turning these into LN's that last one beat each.
03:05:258 (185258|3) - Suggest turning into an LN and ending at 03:05:727
03:11:586 (191586|2,191821|0,191821|2) - I feel like since you had something similar to this at 03:10:649 (190649|3,190883|0,190883|3) that this should be a direct follow up of that, so drag the first note of the set 03:11:586 (191586|2) to 03:11:117 and move 03:11:117 (191117|2,191352|1,191352|0) to 03:11:586

Hm, looking at my mod, I think I just used like 20 lines to tell you to add more noodles. What a great modder I must be >.<
Thanks so much for the mod @Protastic101!

I added pretty much every change you suggested (some with minor alterations), so thank you very much for giving such helpful feedback, it really gave the NM difficulty more character! I added most of the meta data changes you suggested as well, with the exception of adding a new difficulty. I'll consider it, but at this point I have no plans to add any new difficulties to the map set. Thanks again for a great mod :D
Good luck whit this map
Thank you!
A little mod for the MX Diff

On 01:07:602 (67602|2) - should be this for the corruption (if i can call it like that) sound effect that is on the song
Thanks for your little mod sebaex! Change added :)
00:34:086 (34086|2,34086|1) -
02:15:336 (135336|1,135336|2) -

At these 2 times (same pattern) try to make it a different pattern of jumptrill or just some other pattern entirely because it breaks the fluidity or motion going into the fast part after the vocals are done. If you change those to something more fluid or simple people probably won't mess up as much and will make the map all the more enjoyable and comforting :3
Thanks for the mod Silly!

> Changes added :)
This map is godlike, hope it gets ranked!
As a people who observed this map from long time a go, now I can decided this now,

If you get a bubble by some other BN, I'll take qualify. Good luck!
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