So I tried Taiko...

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... And watching the beats messes with my eyes. D:

Am I the only one orr?..
I have also gone crosseyed and had the world spin.
get a 144hz monitor.
Cerulean Veyron
I played Taiko and it's still fun since the old times. Nothing wrong with it :p
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I mean is that just a part of improving at Taiko or is there no way to get around it?
I'm currently learning Taiko, it's hard as bawlz .

Saneaux wrote:

... And watching the beats messes with my eyes. D:

Am I the only one orr?..
I had this too at the very beginning, and it still occurs on ridiculous DTHR slider velocity.
I guess you'll get used to it with time, just don't force yourself to play HR / high SV stuff, this isn't really meant to "hurt" you.
Also idk if you're already doing this, but I mostly watch 1 part of the screen like 90% of the time

B1rd wrote:

get a 144hz monitor.
Not really necessary.

This is actually normal for the first 2-3 weeks you start playing taiko. :p
take breaks every so often
it also helps to play in windowed mode
Love Me
I got dizzy watching drum drum play taiko :cry:
One of my friends literally can't play Taiko because his eyes can't keep up with it.
So you're not the only one. Just play it enough and get used to it. That's what I did, at least.
Mofu kun
you can only get good at something new with practice

eventually your eyes will adjust or you will stop playing taiko
It takes about 2-3 weeks for your eyes to get used to reading horizontal scrolling. There's also some weird irregular scrolling freezes very, very rarely.. which can make it a little harder to get used to.

Also a 120hz or 144hz monitor does technically help with reading, but it won't really help much unless you're already playing 180/190BPM stuff on DT or difficult high BPM maps on HR.

Usual answer applies, just have to practice and get used to it.
Why not start with a slow song. Playing taiko doesn't mean you need to play taiko set map. (kantan/futsuu)
Get used to the gameplay and you pretty much can handle the next harder diff. Some map from slow bpm easy diff go. :3 then kantan/futsuu.
I tried getting serious in Taiko, and I just can't. Every time I try to follow the beat with my eyes, they get all jerky, and my eyes go out of focus.
Well for example Ridorii HR always made my eyes burn and brains melt but I've never been that good at reading high speeds, at least my friends tell me I use too slow speedmods in other rhythm games :\

But yeah, practice helps get used to it obviously. And in some cases the monitor might actually have something to do with it.
I play Taiko whenever I don't have a tablet available
Taiko messes with my eyesight as well by making me feel like I'm crossing my eyes.
Mania makes me feel miles away from my monitor.
That taiko.. Affects my eyes lol!! :)
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