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Hello guys^^
Could someone tell me the best way to find the right sensitivity for me? I'm using a Huion 580 and I would say I'm pretty decent at the game^^
But I want to find the perfect sensitivity for me because it feels kinda uncomfortable with mine right now.
How are we suppose to know what feels comfy for you?

I like full area on a CTL-480 with fullscreen...doesn't mean you will like it
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I mean the best way to find it.^^
I don't know it sounds weird but well would great if someone has a good way :)

Balwator wrote:

I mean the best way to find it.
Not in a forum, that's for certain. Try out different settings and pick what's most comfortable for you.
Only way to find out is to play with the settings while playing. In general the bigger the area you have...the easier it is to be accurate because you have more leeway, more effort moving around the map. The smaller the area the more accurate you need to be but less effort moving around the map at speed.
I'd suggest finding a pen grip that allows you to make the most pen movement comfortably, and using that to find the biggest area that you can use without moving your arm or hurting yourself. And then it'll just be a matter of spending time training yourself and getting used that area.
I hope you mean finding the right tablet area rather than actual sensitivity. The sensitivity slider in-game should always be set to 1x when using a tablet.
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Keep in mind larger and smaller active areas both have their pros and cons; small jumps being easier with larger areas, or bigger jumps being easier with smaller areas. Resolution should also be considered when trying to find a new active area; playing full screen or windowed determines how much of your tablet is being used for the playfield.

If you just got the tablet recently then don't be afraid to try different settings and see what works for you.
I first got a tablet around 2 years ago. At the time, I was using the absolute minimum area possible.

Since then, I have changed my area ~20 times, and as of 2 days ago, am using the absolute maximum possible area.
if you're not comftorale with a full area keep making it smaller a bit every day untill you find something that you like.
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