Touyama Nao - Kanon100% (OVA Edit)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2015年12月1日 at 0:01:14

Artist: Touyama Nao
Title: Kanon100% (OVA Edit)
Source: マジカル☆スター かのん100%
Tags: ova opening Kawaiwkyik
BPM: 174
Filesize: 2841kb
Play Time: 01:00
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (3.69 stars, 168 notes)
  2. Insane (5.2 stars, 367 notes)
  3. wkyik's Insane (4.54 stars, 317 notes)
  4. wkyik's Normal (1.95 stars, 132 notes)

Download: Touyama Nao - Kanon100% (OVA Edit)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
wkyik & awaken
One Miss
Random mod:3


  1. Holy crap i love this mapset so far GREAT job
  2. i got a few suggestions and we will see what i find in editor:D
  3. i will be posting for every diff i do as to not accidentally lose progress(i have done this too much)

The mod

  1. 00:35:475 (5) - i think this sounds better as a reverse slider like so
  2. 01:15:302 (1) - i would advise against using a SV change in a normal, but it fits pretty well and will leave it up to you
  3. 01:27:888 (4) - sounds better as a reverse slider, same as before, maby something like this?
  4. Good diff just some minor things:D
  1. 00:06:164 (6,7,1,3,4,1) - a bit of overmap here but not too bad
  2. 00:13:578 (1,2) - move these to start on the red tick and add an extra note on the red tick before 00:14:268 (4) - like so
  3. 00:25:130 (2,3,4) - bit of overmap as well still not bad
  4. 00:41:509 (4) - maby add a note on the red tick before this note
  5. oh its not finishedXD didnt even notice well there are a few little fixes for what you have:p
  1. First off i love both the insanes on this map so great job:D
  2. 00:06:164 (1) - this doesnt flow very well with the beat try something like for the beat dont map what i did (just kinda slapped it down lol)
  3. 00:14:095 (1) - get rid of nc here
  4. 00:36:509 (6) - remove?
  5. 01:10:130 (1) - this SV change is a bit much for what the song is doing but its not awful
  6. 01:11:682 (4,5,6) - some overmapping
  7. 01:20:647 (1,2,3) - same^
  1. 00:03:061 (2) - Ctr+g or maby tilt down like so this is for better flow using the follow circle to lead to the next note
  2. 00:13:578 (1) - move this note to the red tick before it and make it a reverse or increase the slider length by one tick. Also add a note on the red tick that it ends on like so
  3. 00:35:130 (1) - remove nc
  4. 00:38:233 (3) - remove and make a note
  5. 00:47:716 (1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1) - why all the nc? maby 1 every 4 would be ok
  6. 00:50:302 (3) - remove?(doesn't really have anything in the song to follow it)
  7. 01:13:578 (4) - ^same as above
  8. 01:28:061 (1,2) - move both back to closest red tick and add note like in picture
  9. 01:29:095 (1) - increase this slider length till the end of the song to match the other insane or change that one to be shorter(make the normal/hard do something similar as well so they all end at the same time

LOVE the map<3 especially the insane hope it gets ranked GL:D hopefully i could help you out:p
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lol i just saw it, will fix them when I'm working on this map!
Kanon <3
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