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If my tablet goes missing while shipping, am i screwed or is there a way to track
Cerulean Veyron
No, there is a way.... which is.... shipping it again
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Risk my money on 1 tablet haha
Hence why you just go to a store and buy a tablet in person - if you're that afraid of ordering one.
That's literally a chance of 1 out of 100 unless you screwed up your mailing address then, you sir . . .

Is fudged .
Oh man, that sucks.
I've personally learned never to mail or order something internationally without a tracking number.

It'd help though if you gave us some more information,

Did you order the official Osu tablet, from where, any tracking numbers
and which carrier did they ship it out with (e.g. ChinaPost, Fedex, UPS)?
You get the tracking ID, you can track it anytime, also there is support in case you don't get your order. Get your facts straight before posting please.

disclaimer: that only applies if you buy from official store.
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Yeah i am ordering from the store. So the tracking number will be given after ordering?
Kyonko Hizara
As someone that orders online all the time whether it be for personal items or for my business, I have only had 1 package ever get lost, and it did end up coming to me 3 months later. Have you even ever ordered something online? It's very unlikely your order will get lost. If you're really that worried, get shipping with insurance.
Yes you get tracking ID.
How much is Osu tablet?
- Marco -

JYChii wrote:

How much is Osu tablet?
excluding shipping fees
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