shamwow's modding queue [M4M]

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[ Shamwow ]
NM is open again!
Hi o/

NM please:
It already had some mods, but everything except the Normal got remapped and there haven't been any since then. You can skip over the Insane if it's too hard.

Thanks! :)

Btw, you should update the OP, it still says NM is closed.
Hey~ NM please.

Easy is still WIP, but you can just mod the Normal and Hard~
Thanks! :D
NM Please. Thanks in advance.
M4M :3
I'll mod it this night :3
when I clear my mod I'll post my mod and mapset here

(~^_^)~ Thanks ~(^_^~)
A NM would be nice t/290623
the only mods I've are for timing, so all diffs need to be looked at
Thanks in advance.
Hi M4M here :3
SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki - &Z (TV Size)

I'll mod your map and i'll post it to your map posts not in here :3
Thanks anyway :)
NM please, thanks in advance~
You don't have to mod Hard or Insane.
I know it's modded multiple times already, but it's worth a try. :)
Ciyus Miapah
Hi~! NM please~!
Please mod Hard and Insane if you accept it (> w <)/ (It's really a long song)
Thanks~! \(^ w ^)/
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[ Shamwow ]
NM is closed for now :0
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[ Shamwow ]
k NM is open again!
lol lucky! XDD hi! o/
NM request:
anime song TV size! Hope you like it! XD
and only NM and EZ plz XD
Herro! :D

Could you mod this map for me?

NM please. Please mod easy, normal, and hard to the best of your ability.

Thanks in advance! :D

(I understand if you can't find anything/ don't like it.)
Cerulean Veyron
Hello~ NM

To me, It doesn't matter if you give me short mods, what matters is you're trying to improve c:
Hi~ NM please

Thanks :)
NM. I suck at hard difficulties so look at that.
Hii! :)
NM please :D

genre: electronic, english

thx! would be sooo grateful ^-^
Hi! NM request, Normal and Hard (insane if you can :p)

Has 1 mod so yeah :p
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