osu! Taiko World Cup 2015 - Discussion Thread

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Wow, three of our players not showing up made me so fking nervous that I got my worst score of the week on every single one of the ten maps we played. Literally. I'm not even exaggerating. Holy shit I feel bad now.
Anyway, gg wp Canada and please beat up Hong Kong for us <3
Really enjoyed the match against Germany. Sorry that you were down some players during our match. That definitely could have gone your way if you had some of your missing players there.

Overall very fun match, and we'll try our best to beat Hong Kong!

DarkStoorM wrote:

Well played, HK, as always!

gogogo canada!!!

oh yeah, gotta rep for our bros up north! gogogo! canadadada!
gg 1v3
After watching the VOD of our match I'm slightly less mad at my performance since it made for such an exciting game :P
@the remaining teams: please do us all a favor and play some more close matches like that for the rest of the tournament <3

DarkStoorM wrote:

Well played, HK, as always!

And of course, thanks everyone for playing! I had lots of fun this year, even if it was hard as f.
Ono, great mappools, enjoyed every single map. Even if they are hard, I still find them challenging to play. There is no such thing as a bad map. Many people said these maps from mappools are weird, but I loved them. Challenge = fun. Thanks.

Commentators were great, teams were great, everything was awesome. Keep up doing the great job, guys!

Psst psst. We had 2 girls playing on our team :3
sameeee feeling, thanks everyone! was so fun :3
You guys did really well! I really hope to see you next year again.
And really glad to hear that DarkStoorm, thanks!
Sorry to let you down Germany. We tried our best but Hong Kong is just too strong for us :o

Very fun game guys, glad to have faced you guys in the match we got knocked out in. Also felt like a lot of the rounds could have gone either way.
Thank you team Canada!
That is really a fun match - our team really enjoy it with thinking what we should do every moment. ( We are mad to choose maps and players www)

Was a very intense match, was a pleasure playing against you guys!
I wanted to play Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho ahaha oh well gg
Good game Japanese team , even though soba wasn't there it was still fun :)

I hope I'll be able to get rid of my keyboard lagging problem T___T
Thanks for the game Korea ! Have fun with your next matches !

Hello again, Japan.
GG, shockingly nice performance, France! Good luck with finally taking Japan down!
f*ck.... and i still manage to sleep through all of the alarms i set :/
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wiki updated. brb sleeping

Tasha wrote:

Sorry to let you down Germany. We tried our best but Hong Kong is just too strong for us :o
Judging from our own record against Hong Kong, we wouldn't have fared any better ;P
Nice try though, too bad I couldn't catch it live due to time zones

/E: I guess it's time to cheer on France #jesuisescargot


  1. 00:36:410 - adding x0.95 green line
    Feint - Tower Of Heaven (You Are Slaves)
  2. 00:55:260 - snap the kiai
  3. 01:17:978 (449,450) - Moving these notes to 01:17:834 -
  4. 02:22:920 (1025) - snap this note

Mapper contacted.

OnosakiHito wrote:

  1. 01:17:978 (449,450) - Moving these notes to 01:17:834 -

Mapper contacted.
these notes seem intended rhythm. 01:18:123 (450) - is following well the bassdrum in the same way as 01:19:494 (454) - .
instead of your suggestion, 01:17:834 - i recommend to check "omit first barline" and add a greenline with x0.85 there.
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