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osu! Taiko World Cup 2015 - Discussion Thread

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Damn, well played OZZY...

I haven't seen USA vs France thingy but I'm pretty sure he picked dududududon

Also yay for semifinals :D
Tough break USA, congrats France.
GG USA, that was an intense match ! We had a lot of fun and a lot of stressu. Have fun and good luck for your next matches ! :D

Definitely was a fun experience. Wouldn't be surprised if that was the match of the tournament.
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wiki updated successfully with schedule, mappool, match results, mappack
Had a blast commentating. Sorry that I ended up not being around as much during later matches.

Also just in case I didn't say it before, thanks a lot for the match earlier this week Indonesia. Hoping to have a good match against Germany this upcoming weekend.
oh god that USA vs. France match, so intense

also Son of Sun hype
Ten Sho hype
PUPA hype
i really don't understand why you picked Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho for Tiebreaker.
did you see too many unsnapped notes?
  1. just check AiMod.

broken barlines?
  1. 03:57:210 (1668) - due to unsnapped note.
  2. 03:58:493 (1670) -^
  3. 03:59:163 (1672) - ^
  4. 04:05:030 (1681) - ^
  5. 04:54:473 (55) - ^
  6. 05:21:944 (295) - ^
  7. and maybe many more.

wrong timings?
  1. 00:51:982 (306) - absolutely wrong when compare to 00:52:276 (307) -
  2. 05:52:577 (528) - plays really weird because redline is at 05:52:683 -
  3. 05:55:777 (540) - wrong timing. should be 05:55:820 - or so.
  4. and many more.

i have omitted many things because i got tired with that. this map is not playable, it's not ready for the OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT. patterns are enjoyable even though those are kinda hard for the semifinals. but seriously, why did you pick this map? there are too many problems, especially unsnapped things.
This is already known and will be fixed. Project leader has been contacted hours before.

So no worries.

Nwolf wrote:

unofficially doing this cause I'm bored atm and
<OnosakiHito> I wanted to make this, too
Mapper ranking TWC 2015
will edit until done, if data is wrong tell me right away, based my calculations off what i saw in map listings

New faces: 9 (underlined)
Mappers featured this year so far: 41
Total of maps shown: 76 (49 new)

4 (04) — qoot8123, TKS, OnosakiHito, lepidopodus
3 (08) — Nwolf, hs714, mintong89, TW-KUMA01, Alace, MMzz, climbb65588, Mapper 31
2 (07) — Sayaka-, 7odoa, Kagami Yuki, mingmichael, Love, KanaRin, Backfire
1 (22) — 0gre, Charlotte, Dainesl, jericho2442, JUDYDANNY, kjwkjw, Dolphin, Haruka, KayeSara, Naryuga, RockeDon, mekadon, Nashmun, Pheon, woodrockman, youngdow, NatsumeRin, lolcubes, Loctav, Firce777, MoonFragrance, wmfchris

OnosakiHito wrote:

This is already known and will be fixed. Project leader has been contacted hours before.
Maps are supposed to be ready one week before they are picked, it is like using an half-mapped song and saying that you will finish to map it before the macthes lol.

Another potential issue in the mappool :

He is talking about this map from the Hidden picks :
The offset needs to be checked, it sounds like 10 or 20ms too early as DarkStoorm pointed it. Tried it with Hidden and this is a bit uncomfortable to play (pretty hard to get a good accuracy if you focus on the song while playing).
"new" as in maps that haven't been in ANY world cup (including OWC/CWC/MWC) or "new" as in maps that haven't been in any TWC?? C:
@Nofool: Last time I got FC 99%. Hm. I will check that once again, thanks!

@Nwolf: TWC of course.
Good game France! You guys were awesome!


  • Mappool - Semi Finals
  1. Kikuo - Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho [Donphin Inner Oni]'s notes and inherited timing points has been snapped.
  2. t+pazolite - MEGA MEGA CUTiE BREAKiN'!!!!!!!!z got an online offset of +18 for a more accurate gameplay.

We thank you for the reports about these maps and wish every team in the Semi Finals good luck!

P.s.: And let me clean the shame of my fail in the showcase.
Well played, HK, as always!

And of course, thanks everyone for playing! I had lots of fun this year, even if it was hard as f.
Ono, great mappools, enjoyed every single map. Even if they are hard, I still find them challenging to play. There is no such thing as a bad map. Many people said these maps from mappools are weird, but I loved them. Challenge = fun. Thanks.

Commentators were great, teams were great, everything was awesome. Keep up doing the great job, guys!

Psst psst. We had 2 girls playing on our team :3
Wow, three of our players not showing up made me so fking nervous that I got my worst score of the week on every single one of the ten maps we played. Literally. I'm not even exaggerating. Holy shit I feel bad now.
Anyway, gg wp Canada and please beat up Hong Kong for us <3
Really enjoyed the match against Germany. Sorry that you were down some players during our match. That definitely could have gone your way if you had some of your missing players there.

Overall very fun match, and we'll try our best to beat Hong Kong!

DarkStoorM wrote:

Well played, HK, as always!

gogogo canada!!!
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