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osu! Taiko World Cup 2015 - Discussion Thread

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I assume the tournament being 3v3 vs. 4v4 has not been confirmed yet?
Uh, is there a country with only 2 registrants? Perhaps you can encourage that country to find a third qualified participant to even out the number of represented teams to 24.
First option ftw. More games for every team, makes it more fun. I think most participants would love to play as many countries, too.
Any news ?

Nashmun wrote:

Any news ?
Suddenly dead?

BTW i remember Loctav did said he doesn't have a good network, does he got one now?

Loctav wrote:

As by today, we extend the registration phase till 22nd February 2015, 23:59:59 UTC+0.
So, the registration phase was till 22nd, it means the team drawing will begin this weekend? At least I understand it that way (28th? 1st of March?)
...or was it two weeks after the registration phase... waiting for news as well :D

Oh BTW, am I the only one who wants to see THIS as a Tiebreaker in finals? or just as a tiebreaker
no kill pls
/me kill DarkStoorM

srsly tho Octagon is too long and too... weird to be a fitting tiebreaker. And too easy for finals
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Drawings are tomorrow 14 UTC+0

Aaand we have 24 teams. (yey Denmark). All teams are on the wiki.
No seeds then ?
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Oh yeh, we do seed.
chile noob represent XD, i feel excited yay! just gotta train hard :3

Came forward with the map listening and playing.

- Korean Kiwi -
Are we gonna have Round of 16 or go straight to the Quarter-Finals? I think having Round of 16 is fair because kicking out 16 countries out of 24 is too much, you should let 4 countries go to the Round of 16 and kick out 2 countries per group.

Tasha wrote:

Does that mean that person should be in the US team? ;w;

- Korean Kiwi - wrote:

Does that mean that person should be in the US team? ;w;
nah impossible

if he enters US team, i'll be entering Turkish team :lol:
Mama Marcy
really do hope I can get in, be my first year playing in the tournement ^W^
Good luck everyone o/
Someone wants to make a beatmap pack with mappool maps? ><

-Jamu- wrote:

Someone wants to make a beatmap pack with mappool maps? ><
Download Map Pack for Group Stage

Cause Tournament Management is slow :P
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