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osu! Taiko World Cup 2015 - Discussion Thread

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Loctav wrote:

There is no such thing as "main participant". The idea or term of "backups" has been abolished 2 years ago. Everyone is an equal member of their team.
I know That, but you cannot encourage people to have "backups" in their teams and then penalize them in the seeding system for taking more players than the strict minimum.
Some teams could actually be tempted to take fewer players if it can give them better seeds. (Not talking about our case)

XavierJones wrote:

I say the third one is the best. So people will have to care about other groups too, not just their one.
I have to agree with XavierJones.
With this it is more likely to get though the first round, if you had trouble in some matches. It also shows, how the two 2nd places could perform in the following matches, by comparing the matches they've played.
The first one is the middle way, which means it's acceptable, although it means that there are gonna be the risk of setting early winners. But if the matchmaking is based on raw pp it could go well.
With the second option to say is the worst. if it's only with 2 matches this would cause into enourmous pressure on the teams, and that every round literally decides about the end.
If it's with a rematch, it could be better, but still not good enough in comparison with option 1 and 3.

Loctav wrote:

  1. We form 3 groups á 6 teams and 1 group á 5 teams, whereas the top 2 of every group ascends.
  2. We form 6 groups á 3 teams and 2 groups á 4 teams, whereas the top 1 ascends.
  3. We form 5 groups á 4 teams and 1 group á 3 teams, whereas the top 1 ascends + the best 2 2nd places across all groups.

Let me know what you guys like the most.
First one is the best

For the third one, if you have 2 big power house in the same group, one of them will be kicked easily, which makes the game less interesting

Second one is wrong. 6x3 +2x4 = 18+8 = 26 . Please work on your maths.

My own suggestion is

5 x 3 , 2 x 4 a total of 7 group

which 7 1st will promote, and the 2nd from the 2 groups of 4 will have an extra match which complete the last slot

The pros of this is letting the 2 groups of 4 , which should be harder to get the 1st, have a chance to come back
"Due to the massive new registrations, the rosters will be redecided by many captains. Please wait until the 23rd February 2015 to check out the new finalized rosters" It is now the 24th. Do you guys need help?
i was about to ask the same thing
I assume the tournament being 3v3 vs. 4v4 has not been confirmed yet?
Uh, is there a country with only 2 registrants? Perhaps you can encourage that country to find a third qualified participant to even out the number of represented teams to 24.
First option ftw. More games for every team, makes it more fun. I think most participants would love to play as many countries, too.
Any news ?

Nashmun wrote:

Any news ?
Suddenly dead?

BTW i remember Loctav did said he doesn't have a good network, does he got one now?

Loctav wrote:

As by today, we extend the registration phase till 22nd February 2015, 23:59:59 UTC+0.
So, the registration phase was till 22nd, it means the team drawing will begin this weekend? At least I understand it that way (28th? 1st of March?)
...or was it two weeks after the registration phase... waiting for news as well :D

Oh BTW, am I the only one who wants to see THIS as a Tiebreaker in finals? or just as a tiebreaker
no kill pls
/me kill DarkStoorM

srsly tho Octagon is too long and too... weird to be a fitting tiebreaker. And too easy for finals
Topic Starter
Drawings are tomorrow 14 UTC+0

Aaand we have 24 teams. (yey Denmark). All teams are on the wiki.
No seeds then ?
Topic Starter
Oh yeh, we do seed.
chile noob represent XD, i feel excited yay! just gotta train hard :3

Came forward with the map listening and playing.

- Korean Kiwi -
Are we gonna have Round of 16 or go straight to the Quarter-Finals? I think having Round of 16 is fair because kicking out 16 countries out of 24 is too much, you should let 4 countries go to the Round of 16 and kick out 2 countries per group.

Tasha wrote:

Does that mean that person should be in the US team? ;w;

- Korean Kiwi - wrote:

Does that mean that person should be in the US team? ;w;
nah impossible

if he enters US team, i'll be entering Turkish team :lol:
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