Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana - Arcadia

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Changed OD to 8 because there's no reason to have that odd decimal.

gonna just re-bub don't really feel like to qualify since imo the settings need really to be fixed
and the volume lines in extra diff,those was the important things.

For next BN double check those o3o
I'd just like to point out randomly that this song is also the album version from United We Are. which is the same track used for the official video, and so on. Album Version = This radio edit thing that means.

what does this mean? Easy. iTunes is gay. "Radio Edit" can go die.

Let's see....

Let's go with the unofficial beatport and the unofficial iTunes.

https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/unite ... d948910037
https://pro.beatport.com/release/united ... on/1455309
If you click on the first one. it gets labeled as an extended mix. OK. we can ignore it.. but if we click on the release only version near the bottom It leads to...

https://pro.beatport.com/track/arcadia- ... on/6245003

Now this is the track we're talking about <3
So let's find this track elsewhere.

https://soundcloud.com/hardwell/hardwel ... s-download

oh. Well this is Hardwell's official soundcloud with the track listings.. What does this mean? :) Yup. We can use it.

Ok, now Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwRve7LRrB4

Oh my.. same metadata, and it's the ACTUAL track!!!!!! :D

"Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana - Arcadia"

If you go to the official site, listen to the Arcadia single.

Hover over the track name at the bottom when it plays.

"Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana - Arcadia"

iTunes = Shit. They honestly just name it however they want.
Beatport = Shit. It doesn't know how to list the artist field properly >_>
Official Website = Good. How can it be wrong?
Soundcloud = Good enough. It has the official tracklist labeled how he wants it. (this is proven by the website?)
Youtube = Better than iTunes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwRve7LRrB4 | This is the track you have. and it matches the official video as well. Tracklist too <3

Just wanted to say this "radio edit" doesn't actually exist. It's just iTunes being retarted and gay. Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana - Arcadia is how the artist field should be. and this imo is what we should use. Going off the album, even if it came later, matches the website, the only source of this "RADIO EDIT" comes from gay iTunes. It's just the same song with the same title as it's extended counterpart <3

Artist: Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana
Title: Arcadia

https://soundcloud.com/hardwell/hardwel ... s-download
Song lengths are found on iTunes and Beatport. You can find their links in the box.

wow.. I was bored. I hope this helps o/

or you can just use the back of the album rofl rofl.

honestly though. I think it makes 100% more sense to use what the official artist provides via soundcloud/official site/youtube.

/end rant.

Also Hi Priti <3
yo, your spread is really messed up

the insane is harder than the extra, the extra is much harder than the hard, and the hard is really easy

I'm confuzzled

and change the BG to a cute looking real girl and not an anime girl, this song is really good and deserves a nice looking real life grill instead of this anime girl stuff

anime girls on really good songs make me want to cry sometimes

good maps doe, everybody was talking about the extra and I think it's really cool honestly

I'm sure all of the mainstream mappers will get really mad about it and call it the second miss you or whatever but I honestly love it
man i love metadata
Well now that I have a metadata confirmation, gotta pop this. Also after some testplays I'm concerned about the readability of 02:47:374 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3)
in the Paradise difficulty.

02:43:624 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - After hitting these 1/4 rhythms, going into the 1/3 rhythms of 02:47:374 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) is pretty confusing and difficult to read, especially with the similar spacing of the first triangle, and the increasing spacing throughout the pattern. It could also cause confusion with the 1/4 of 02:51:124 (1,2,3,1,2,3), which is pretty much the same spacing as the first triangle mentioned earlier 02:47:374 (1,2,3)

01:13:624 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - Was actually fine due to the fact that the player's rhythm would go into 1/3 from 01:09:874 (1,2,3,1,2,3) and the arrangement of the 1/6 sliders were pretty simple.

I'm really not sure about that pattern ;w; I'm getting a lot of different opinions about it, some say it's easy, some say it's unreadable. If you don't change it I'm still willing to rebubble but it's highly suggested to make the rhythm change more obvious in w/e way you want.

Some additional things

[Shadren's Normal]
  1. 00:17:374 (4) - Add a whistle at the end? Kinda weird since that sound has a higher pitch than the one on the head
  2. 01:13:624 (3) - Would be nice if it had at least a tiny curve, having purely up-and-down motions with that many repeats might make it feel weird going left into 01:15:499 (1,2)
  3. 01:45:499 - I think a 5% volume increase wouldn't hurt here, it's pretty hard to hear with soft-hitnormal and no hitsounds
  4. 02:47:374 (3) - Same thing mentioned before

[Pritiphyxia's Hard]
  • AR 7.2-7.4~ would be more balanced coming from normal imo
  1. 01:04:249 (1,2) - Shouldn't these overlap with the 1/4 gap? 01:07:062 (3,4) have about the same spacing but they have a 1/2 gap. Also inconsistent with 02:37:999 (1,2)

[Geroversible's Insane]
  1. 00:07:062 (1) - Is this NC really needed o.o there is literally no difference compared to the previous 1/8 repeat, not even a new measure

Call me back for reblublbublulblbulbulbulblbu when ready
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Fixed AR on Hard, fixed metadata.
I am not changing the 1/3, The player should recognize it already due to it being the same on the previous kiai.
also i'll yell at Irre to nerf the Insane a bit, It does have some silly jumps.
Yea sure, fixed. Sent Priti the .txt-file ingame :)

sukiNathan wrote:

[Geroversible's Insane]
  1. 00:07:062 (1) - Is this NC really needed o.o there is literally no difference compared to the previous 1/8 repeat, not even a new measure @Irreversible.

Fixed the NC

About the spread.. I made the rhythms density in the kiai a bit less.. idk which jumps to reduce, because if I reduce one, I need to reduce all, and then I could just basically remap it, and I don't want that.
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fixed everything for Shadren because his userpage allows me to I guess.

edit: working on a new Insane.

00:01:202 (2,3) - Why ignoring the downbeats here? It somehow works but it the inconsistency between 00:01:202 (2,3) - and 00:02:843 (2,3) - bothers me.
00:03:312 (3,6) - The distance between those doesn't look properly made imo. Would go for a blanketish pattern.
00:14:327 (2) - Ignored downbeat, this one doesn't work good. Would shift so slider starts is on white.
00:23:702 (2,3,4) - Big jump for no real reason, would reduce. After all, it is bigger than the jump 00:24:405 (4,1) - here, which isn't right imo. 00:24:874 (1) - Should be emphasized.
00:30:265 (4,5,1) - Align.
00:36:124 (1,2,3,4,5) - Don't really get the rhythm, nor the spacing here. It doesn't emphasize things that are given, nor does it follow the music very well. But I don't know how you could fix it without remapping this little section.
00:37:999 (1) - If you wanna put jumps, here are the spots for them (as these are beats that should be emphasized)
00:56:163 - It feels weird that this spot is left out.
01:13:624 (1,2,3,4) - cool pattern

01:46:905 (3,4) - Interrupted flow, would move 01:47:374 (4) - more to the left to support the curvy movement.

rest is gud
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Fixed everything on my parts but the left out spot because minimalism is sweq
Call me when it's rebubbled, unless there's already a BN for it lol
Hello thar sweetie <3~ m4m incoming~


Red: Unrankable.
Blue: Suggestion
Pink: Personal thoughts.


00:06:124 (3) - Maybe remove this note and bring the spinner back like this? It sounds more sensible to me: (Also there is an unsnapped green line there, check if my eyes aren't correct o3o)
00:30:499 (1) - This object 's slider body is slightly touching the HP bar when I tested it, maybe it could be my monitor but double check and see. (But I don't think it's a big issue, skip it if you feel it's alright.) (See here for photo proof.)
00:43:624 (4) This object's slider start is touching the score bar above, like the previous statement above, you can skip it if you wish.
01:04:483 (1) - Maybe bring this back to the red tick, it sounded more on beat than the blue tick you placed it on. (I know you're listing to the instruments build up for that reason.) You can also extend this to the white tick, but like I said, you can skip this if you're not comfortable on changing it.
02:38:233 (1) - ^ Same as above.

[Shadren's Normal]

02:10:577 (5) - This is touching the Score bar. (Or I might need a better monitor. :| )

Nothing else in this diff is erroneous~ :D

[Pritiphyxia's Hard]

(<--- lol the name sounds like a kind of new medicine.)

00:22:062 (2) - This object is touching the HP bar.
00:37:882 (5) - Maybe remove this note and extend (4)'s slider end in it's place? It felt more in rhythm like that.
00:56:046 (3) - This object is touching the HP bar.
01:05:187 (1) - Maybe extend this to the white tick? :arrow:
01:30:030 (5) - Maybe you could point this down a bit like this? :arrow:
02:04:132 (4) - I feel you should remove this note, it doesn't really fit, it felt a bit forced in that gentle breakdown part.
02:38:937 (2) - Just like 00:37:882 (5).

[Prikazuya's Insane]

01:06:124 (x) - Maybe add a note here?
02:39:874 (x) - ^ Same as above.

Other than that, this diff is fine.

[Geroversible's Insane]

00:22:999 (1,2) - Hmm, I don't think if this is an overlap, but if someone would play this on hidden, this might be a problem.
01:37:530 (3,4) - I suggest shortening the gap a bit, that jump seems to be a bit too quick and distant.



My map /me runs
uh.. dunno how that happened
01:37:765 (4) - move to 364 196 pleae priti
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fixed everything but adding additional beats since I CAN AND I WANT OK NO BULLY PLOX

Crimmi wrote:

Hello thar sweetie <3~ m4m incoming~


Red: Unrankable.
Blue: Suggestion
Pink: Personal thoughts.

[Shadren's Normal]

02:10:577 (5) - This is touching the Score bar. (Or I might need a better monitor. :| )
It's ok. rly. don't mind :)

Nothing else in this diff is erroneous~ :D

My map /me runs

No changes. Anyway, thank you for the mod c:
alright rechecked and rebubbled, we just got rid of an unwarranted stream jump in paradise diff
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