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I wonder how a TV Size could become a meme as this map is nowadays.

Mod reply, m4m with gracefu

I will mod only the light insane, so here we go
00:02:626 (1) - bad shape, make it look like this

00:18:584 (2) - delete note, then make the previous slider repeat
00:20:977 (3) - ctrl+g, better flow
00:23:211 (8,1) - merge into one slider
00:26:403 (4) - bad slider, reshape to something like

00:32:786 (2) - im not sure with this slider,too sharp I guess , needs more curve
00:34:062 (2,3,4) - too complicated, use 3/4 repeat slider instead
00:35:339 (2,3,4) - <^
00:36:615 (2,3,4) - <^
00:37:892 (1,2,3) - <^
01:05:818 (3) - missing soft-hitwhistle both on the head and tail? The slider shape needs more curve tbh
01:19:222 (1,2,3) - idk about these too

That's all, dont kudos of this doesnt help

Update my diff, I realized it needs some remapping a little bit
this isn't going to be fun. remember that this is all my opinion.

as a whole i would remap this because i think that this easy diff is too clustered, as in, the spacing between diffs is too low. if youre going to remap this, alter the DS to a point where the follow point would be visible.

00:01:509 (3) - copy slider from 00:00:233 (1) - to show relation. These are similar parts so you wanna make them look related.
00:03:424 (2) - get rid of red tick, its unecessary.
00:16:190 (1,2) - blanket
00:20:977 (3) - make into a 1/1 slider
00:23:850 (2,3,4) - theres a term i like to use which is called slider entry and slider exit. Basically if there is stuff like http://puu.sh/m3Dtg/88d8e19e43.jpg, i would like to have it fixed by doing [url][http://puu.sh/m3Duu/589d62cebd.jpg/url]. see the pattern? yeah you know what to fix. If there are any questions regarding this, feel free to forum pm me. btw theres a reason why i hl'd 2 as well.
00:26:403 (4,5,1) - what is this spacing on easy lol
00:28:318 (1,2,3) - try to keep a consistent rhythm hmm? this is an easy diff.
00:33:424 (1,2,3) - make 3 the same position as 1 and 2. basically if you turn 3 into a slider to stream with 1/1 distance and you get 1 and 2, you already fixed it. if you didnt understand, just rotate it by 13 degrees.
00:37:254 (2) - red tick unnecessary.
00:39:169 (4,1,2,3) - blanket pls
01:03:903 - to end, justified to my claim on the beginning of the easy diff mod, the low spacing causes this map to feel and appear unbearably clustered; something that we do not want in 2015 and the upcoming year of 2016. If this were to get ranked, you would need to time warp up to 2012. Even then its not a guarantee.

verdict for this diff: unrankable, because of issues mentioned above, clustered all the way to hell and inconsistent rhythm.
this one no longer has the spacing problem. but there are some notes that brush way too close to the other notes, making it seem clustered. spacing these notes would help. also with the easy diff, remap is recommended.

00:06:296 (3) - ctrl h and reposition
00:09:488 (5,1) - example of notes that brush way too close
00:13:318 (2,5) - blanket this. looks good too.
on normal diffs i tend to avoid to use two circles in a row because of the lack of patterning that is allowed to do with 2 circles in normal diffs. that being said...
00:15:552 (1,2) - change to slider. i recommend using 5 and ctrl h+j+g and reposition
00:16:828 (4,5) - slider entry is bad, please fix.
00:23:371 (1) - 00:23:211 - place here, and reposition so that distance isnt broken
00:26:881 (3) - flip this thing around http://puu.sh/m3Ebu/93223c0ca6.jpg
00:33:424 - rhythm gets a bit confusing. use easier to pick up rhythm please.
00:36:615 (2,1,2) - this is a bit hard to read in normal diffs imho
00:43:637 (1) - woah this looks ugly. try making some shapes and ask modhelp what they think. make an omega symbol? thats always a good thing.
00:47:467 (3) - this looks out of place.
00:49:701 (3) - flip this around. using the same slider curve position twice really isnt screaming quality for you.
00:51:296 (1) - flip around. part links from the previous to the next, so yea
00:51:296 (1,2,3) - just do this http://puu.sh/m3El5/3e7fcbe86e.jpg it looks way better. fix any spacing problems that may arise from this.
00:53:211 (4,2) - overlap
01:09:009 (4,2) - too curvy, make it wider so that blanket is more visible
01:15:552 (3,2) - alter 2 (rotate in a way that 3 would be able to sliderblanket 2)
01:16:669 (2,3) - slider entry, rotate 3 to fix (-89 degrees) also put it more up (339:184)
01:17:467 (3,4,5) - doesnt this look bad to you? do something like this. or do this http://puu.sh/m3EFl/16adf89e9c.jpg. Itll make it look better.
01:24:647 (1,2,1) - i dont understand this overlapping. please dont.

verdict: unrankable, because of lack of overall quality as well as some really bad overlapping and brushing of notes. Honestly if you tried to rank this then youre going to have a really bad time. As a normal diff, this map fails. Remap is recommended. and if you do, please use more spacing and avoid overlapping like the PLAGUE.
ramdans' hard
well this diff is alot better than from what ive seen. As expected from rammy. BUT this diff still shouldnt be ranked due to a few problems. Allow me to explain.
hopefully youll get around to remapping it because this looks like 2014 ramdans. and 2014 ramdans shouldnt be going for rank in 2016 era.

00:00:552 (3,4,1) - DS is waaay too low. please increase.
00:01:509 (1,2,3) - what is DS consistency?
00:03:105 (2,3) - as i said from the previous diff mods, i dont recommend this because of lack of available patterning. use a slider instead and make it pretty.
00:05:658 (2,3) - this is fine tho. this is cool.
00:08:211 (2,3,4) - slider maybe?
00:11:084 (5,6) - slider entry improvement please. rotate 6 more downwards. thatll help. ALSO fix any destroyed distance that may happen should this mod be applied. (it should be applied)
00:12:998 - onwards - DS IS TOO CLUSTERED ASDF
00:23:052 (3,1,2) - what is this slider entry wth?
00:25:286 (5,6) - what is with slider ends landing on strong beats?
00:31:669 (3) - http://puu.sh/m3FaZ/9b948840bf.jpg try this. itll look better.
00:34:062 (2,3,1) - place 3 more downwards so that it looks more linear. fix 1 so that slider entry doesnt suck. read above mods regarding slider entry so you know what im talking about.
00:45:552 (3,1) - well this looks stiff af
00:53:850 (1,2,3) - f this slider entry
00:54:488 (3,4) - bad overlap
00:56:084 (7,8) - slider pls. it looks bad.
00:56:403 (1,2) - rotate 2 so that you actually get a curve if you use one slider.
00:57:041 (2,3) - better do a slider blanket instead of a sliderend blanket.
01:03:903 - whee the spacing is fine!
01:06:935 (2,3) - place this more up so that 3 looks better when youre exiting 2 http://puu.sh/m3FrQ/92b544ca46.jpg
01:09:647 (3) - make a curve downwards slider http://puu.sh/m3FuP/f4bd2811dd.jpg
01:26:881 (1) - SV CHANGE WOOO

verdict: rankable, but not recommended. as mentioned, some parts of the song were lacking the 2015 feel. which means slider entry being absolute rekt, and certain parts of the map's DS is far too low for comfortable viewing. from your winter map, you displayed an awesome hard diff. Try to remap this so that we get that required quality.
light insane
aah the root of all this map's problems. Lets see whats wrong with this.

00:00:233 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2) - well this looks extremely stiff. Listen. if youre gonna map an insane, or light insane i dont care, map it like an insane.
00:02:307 (2,1,2) - 00:03:424 - white tick on slider end = NONONONONO
00:03:105 (2) - rotate 2 so that it blankets 00:03:584 (3) - doing this also fixes slider entry issue
00:04:860 (3,1) - slider blanket please
00:05:658 (2) - make it curve, i dont understand why its a straight slider. doesnt look nice.
00:06:456 (1) - strong beat in a slider end? please no
00:09:647 (3) - ctrl h+g and blanket slider end of 3 with 2. 00:09:967 (3,1) - slider entry = check and 00:09:169 (1,2,3) - circle flow = check.
00:14:115 (1) - whats with you and slider ends on white ticks? :<
00:14:594 (3,4,5) - http://puu.sh/m3Gta/bdafce02bc.jpg to improve slider entry and overall flow.
00:16:190 (1) - ctrl g for better flow and emphasis.
00:16:669 (3) - slider end on white tick
00:18:105 (9,1) - i dont understand this placement? try doing http://puu.sh/m3GBZ/6ba7e850f4.jpg this. it helps with visual and flow.
00:20:977 (3) - ctrl g to improve flow. and because of that 1/1 break time it doesnt matter about the flow to the next note.
00:24:328 (1) - slider end white tick???
00:25:445 (5) - ctrl g, turn this to a 1/2 slider, make it repeat.
00:38:690 (1,2,3,4) - make it a proper square pls. use polygon objects.
00:41:084 (3,2) - blanket??
00:43:637 (4) - might wanna use a higher DS to emphasize the new part of the song
00:46:190 (4) - i vote ctrl g to keep flow. flow break is something we dont need rn
00:45:552 (3,5) - try to relocate 5 so that it can slider blanket 3. make sure 3 starts on the bottom so we get that flow. fix any note inconsisencies.
00:53:052 (3,4,5,6) - i dont understand this antijumps. people might mistake for doubles and triples. at least make em a slider?
00:53:850 - onwards dammit DS too low
00:57:520 (4) - slider end white tick hue
01:03:424 (1,2) - use slider unless you use two hitcircles for emphasis?
01:05:818 (3) - use a curve lol why is this jagged
01:06:456 (1,2,3,4) - this is random lol. did you decide to put a random pattern here?
01:07:733 (1) - if youre gonna keep it at least make the transition to this flow better. ctrl g actually helps
01:08:211 (2) - blanket with 1. helps with flow to 3 and emphasis with vocals.
01:10:764 (2,3) - blanket?
01:12:839 (4) - NC lol
01:12:998 (1) - continue combo
01:13:956 (1) - ^
01:14:115 (2) - NC
01:19:222 (1,2,3) - i dont understand the fancy sliders.
01:20:498 (1) - WHY. did you get lazy or something?!
01:20:498 (1,1) - slider blanket. or fix it so it doesnt look like shit if you decide to remap 01:20:498 (1) - this... THING.
01:25:605 (1,4) - dont make them touch pls

verdict: this diff has CLEARLY gone through alot of polishing. But still unrankable. well, it IS rankable, but certainly not recommended, mostly due to that thing near the end and visual and flow issues. Even though this diff has gone through alot of polishing, if its bad to begin with, it will always be bad. remap is recommended, coz your mapping style MUSTVE changed in the course of one year. (in the case in which it didnt, youre fucked.)
well this diff isnt so bad!

00:09:488 (3,4) - slider entry fix
00:11:562 (1) - you were going with cross jumps so position this in a way where it will cross again in the resulting jump. well better if you just did this:
00:11:562 (1) - 411:238
00:11:881 (2) - 210:265
00:12:201 (3,1) - lol if youre really going to do this then at LEAST stack them properly
00:14:594 (3) - dont do a flow break here bro still the same song part
00:16:669 (1) - slider end on white??
00:17:147 (3,4,5) - this is triggering me so hard right now. slider entry fix pls
00:20:179 (5) - better to do a 3 hit jump actually... make a triangle or something
00:21:775 (1) - ctrl g for emphasis
00:22:094 (2) - ^
00:22:094 (3) - ^ and so 00:22:733 (4) - this gets the emphasis it deserves
00:23:131 (5,1) - just do auto stack
00:24:169 (6) - turn this into a 1/2 slider
00:24:328 (1) - if ^ is applied, 00:24:488 - hitcircle
00:26:881 (1) - i dont understand why you keep doing this
00:27:360 (3) - ctrl g coz flowbreak isnt necessary here rn
00:27:679 (4) - move to 135:144 for flow if ^ mod is used
00:26:881 (1) - 2 hitcircles. made for jumping pls
00:29:435 (1) - NGAAAAAAAAAAH turn to a 3 hit jump pls
00:45:552 (3) - lyrics are very prominent here. turn to a 1/1 slider.
00:50:658 (2,3,4,5,6) - holy shit this looks terrible. do this instead http://puu.sh/m3ItL/9af9765b34.jpg
01:01:669 (2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - might wanna make a jump without flow breaks thanks
01:03:584 - missing note
01:04:860 (5) - place in 422:171 for pattern consistency and 01:05:179 (1) - flow improvement
01:05:179 (1,2) - you missed the opportunity to add a blanket
01:13:956 - missing note. maybe stack it with 1?
01:15:552 - 01:15:233 (5) - copy this slider, ctrl h+j+g and place in 01:14:913 (4) - slider end. BOOM flow improvement.
01:15:552 (6,1,2) - overmap
01:25:605 (1) - lol just make it a hitcircle.
01:26:881 (1) - ctrl g and place doubles in appropriate area

verdict: rankable, but not recommended coz of issues above and visual problems.
irre's extra
just gonna point out a few suggestions since i cant play this diff

00:13:158 (2,3) - might wanna change into something more readable buddy
00:14:435 (7,8) - ^
00:18:743 (4,5,6) - this flows like terrible and you know it. please change unless you have a reason as to why it should stay
00:20:897 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,1) - were you even serious when you were making this diff lol this stream doesnt even have consistent ds or any sort of emphasis

verdict: if this set gets ranked with this diff i will jump over a bridge thats over a bridge
absolute duo
right now im really freaking tired so... remap?

map looks really messy tho... random jumps left and right... patterns starting and stopping... inconsistent jumps?
yep needs a remap. or... you can delete the diff. your pick man. you can end the set with insane and itll be all kay.
Nice work Anxient
I like your hard work with this map, actually i really want to mod this map, but yeah i'm not a std mapper, so here take my stars, goodluck! >w<
btw owntrolf incase you didnt do it, uh i would like to see your response to my mod, and your thoughts about it. i wanna see how you deal with the mod i gave you.

you may be harsh with your judgement i dont mind. i just wanna see your response.
lololol owntrolf you got spies working for you?

Absolute Duo

Ah yes, the epitome of memehelp memes, the quintessential know of map for anyone who maps. Well, someone finally cohered me into modding this map, so lets begin.

A couple things I want to preface this with.

When I mod, I have a tendency to subject some of my personal stylistic choices when mapping. Pardon this, as I try to remain as unbias as possible, but I know I will likely try to sprinkle some of my own flavor into this mod.

I will not hold back any comments that I make as I know you wish to see you're map actually ranked. I will do my utmost to try and help you achieve this goal.

Welp! let's go.
  1. 00:00:871 (4) - when I see this, it looks bad. Why? because its location serves no actual benefit towards the visual construction of this beatmap. What I mean is, there is no geometric or symmetric or quality reason for such a note to be placed here. What you could do, is create a triange pattern via the slider start 3, 2 and 4. This atleast provides a more satisfying visual aesthetic, and prevents the claim "this is randomly placed"

    HOWEVER! By doing this, we still have a problem which is the fact that the slider design of 3 has no merit. In order to fix this, what I like to do is create a air blanket around 4. What is an air blanket? This:

    This allows for the entire structure to have merit behind its construction. I recommend applying a similar structure to other sections of your map as you see fit.

  2. 00:01:350 (6,1,2) - There are two issues with the construction of these notes. One, why is the spacing more on 2 but less on 1? Consider the rhythm we have a strong beat on 1 but a weak soft beat on 2. This sort of beat has two options, we can replace 1 with a slider to allow for a more impactful and appreciable note, or we can stick with the circles and create a pattern that satisfies the intensity in the notes. One way I would suggest designing your jumps for such a pattern would be as follows:

    If we follow the red path, we hit the note 1, which has a jump leading up to it, the path then changes direction on the purple circle then leads to 2. The purple circle shows a point where the player has to change directions significantly enough that it will affect their playstyle. In otherwords, people are going to stop on 1, and then turn to go to 2. It's makes the note more impactful because not only is the player clicking the note, their movements reflect a similar notion, stopping and starting. This is one way to create additional impact. Now, 2 is located in this location because of the symmetry brought on by the yellow lines. This is purposeful as the beat for 2 is very weak and not emphatic.

  3. 00:04:062 (1,2,3,4) - There is a problem with this pattern. What is the problem you may wonder? The design of this shape is poorly executed. There is inconsistency in the design and placement of the notes. It looks rickety and unstructured. A cleaner suggestion is as follows:

    Why is this cleaner? because it relies on visual coherency, the notes all fall on a linear line (not necessary but seemed to be what you were going for. Not only that, but the notes 1-3 and 2-4 are seperated by a equal amount of space, allow the pattern to come off as thought out, and consistent.

  4. This will be my last comment: 00:04:860 (5,1,2,3,4) - with this, 5 and 1 create what i call a line of symmetry. But, with 3 and 4 you fail to follow this line of symmetry. Here is what I did to clean this up (it's easier to explain with a picture:

    The purple line is this created axis of symmetry. With it, I altered the structure to preserve visual consistency with your patterns as seen with the orange lines dictating this design. With this, I also try to keep all of the notes the same distance apart from each other, as seen by the yellow lines. This is all for creating a visually consistent pattern in your design. Now, keep in mind this pattern is simply cleaning up what you have done. I did not pay any notice to your choice of spacing. I simply did what I felt would be appropriate given what you already had.

I choose to stop here because I feel that, while I could continue to point out flaws in your design, there's no need. Ultimately, if this map is to get anywhere, serious attention to design logic and thought will be needed. This design logic also must be EXPERTLY in tune with the overall understanding of what type of play you want the player to experience at all moments. I hope my post will help you in having some new tools for trying to create more consistent and visual appealing patterns.
*xexxar modding something
what universe is this is this real life
if i fc the insane diff it gets bubbled
100% guarantee
Anxient did you mod my updated diff or..... (im not sure if owntrolf did update or not)
Nevermind, here's the updated diff (again)
updated diff link http://puu.sh/m6MPU/d85b9bcbca.zip
I was wondering what all the memes were about, clicked the collapsed box and saw my name. Took me a while to realize what Ive modded this a year ago. Damn
just come over and reminds you~
The romanised artist should be "Konomi Suzuki" as mentioned here

and no kds

Blizs wrote:

just come over and reminds you~
The romanised artist should be "Konomi Suzuki" as mentioned here

and no kds


Blizs wrote:

just come over and reminds you~
The romanised artist should be "Konomi Suzuki" as mentioned here

and no kds
it's cause in japan your first and last name are swapped i guess but loads of people change that to make more sense, though the other map was dqd for this very reason, so it's sort-of a grey area.

here's quote for anyone that didn't check link
Eastern artists must be written in the proper 'surname firstname' format (e.g. Japanese/Chinese/Korean). For artists which have a preferred romanisation, use this one. If you're unsure of your artist's name, then check previously ranked maps, Google, Wikipedia, or ask a BN for help.
When is rank going to be Absolute Souled?

edit:remap kds
day 28: still waiting for reply to mod

Anxient wrote:

day 28: still waiting for reply to mod
and he is still spamming on #modhelp

Absolute Soul > Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
do you want mod?
My suggestions

00:00:552 (3) - personally I think this is better as not a straight slider for its sound
00:22:094 (3) - move left
00:23:850 (4,1) - should match
00:26:243 (3,4,5) - strange change of direction - make the spacing more similar or gradually increasing
00:26:881 (1,3) - do not look very nice, are they symmetric
00:34:302 (3,4) - widen angle
00:34:860 (1) - rotate a bit CCW
00:36:137 (1) - rotate CW
00:38:690 (1,2,3,4) - not a nice looking angle, maybe move 2 and 3 up a little
01:04:381 (3,5) - too close, move 3 left
00:02:626 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - cool pattern but the change in spacing and direction might be too great
00:08:371 (4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3) - spacing should be greater due to previous patterns
00:50:658 (2,3) - this is confusing and 00:51:136 (6,1) - is difficult relative to the map
00:53:850 (1) - curved
01:02:307 (2) - move up and left a bit
01:11:562 (1) - curved
01:23:371 (2,1) - too close for their rhythm
00:20:897 (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1) - the stack just goes nowhere?
Overall the map lacks structure (subjectively) - the spacing is too similar. Play around with notes close to each other and then big jumps, along with different angles. For example you can move these closer 00:00:552 (3,4,5)
00:02:626 (1) - curved
00:05:498 (2,3,4,5,6,7,1) - there's gotta be a better pattern than this
00:05:498 (2,3,4,5,6,7,1) - curved
00:07:733 (1,2,3) - closer
00:09:169 (1,2,3,4) - strange but it could work
00:10:286 (1,2,3) - overall does not look nice
00:11:562 (1,2) - change angles or make curved
00:14:913 (4,5) - looks weird
00:21:456 (10) - move left
00:23:850 (4) - curved or change direction
00:24:647 (2) - move all the way right
00:28:318 (1,2,3,4) - align on same line or modify so they are not parallel
00:32:786 (3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5) - combining linear and very curved stream so closely doesn't look nice, at least make 00:33:025 (6,1) not so distinct
00:37:094 (4) - rotate CW
00:37:892 (1,2,3) - overall you should not be overdoing this pattern, there are plenty of other options to mess around with
00:40:924 (5,1) - too rapid change of direction, same 00:43:238 (3,4)
00:43:637 (1) - can add cool slider art optionally
01:03:903 (1) - move right and rotate CCW
01:09:647 (4) - nudge right
01:18:264 (2,3,4,5) - change pattern looks awkward
01:25:924 (1,2,3,4) - instead of zigzag you can make back and forth or rotated increasing jumps

Meme aside, I'd like to see this map ranked, however right now it's not ready. I have recently seen sloppier maps get ranked, though.
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