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Green Platinum wrote:

Would have put myself in the position as a potential player but since seeing the show and the fact people are happy to say "This is an accurate depiction of what a kantai collection anime should be" I can easily say I am not anymore.
Oh no, I don't normally insult over the internet, but let me tell you.

You sir, are full of bullshit.

You never wanted to be in that position, since the very first moment you got into this thread, since your very first post, all you did was say a bunch of poisonous words trying to get some reaction from us, and you failed in such a way that you started insulting like if this was a 4chan thread. And then when we finally told you to fuck off, you're taking the "victim" approach. You never said "hey guys, why is this so popular?", "hey guys, I don't like this, but why do you guys like it?".No:

Green Platinum wrote:

Absolutely no potential for anything good to come of this.
Since the very first moment you was focused on degrading this Anime, so don't come telling me that "I could've been an extra prayer to the franchise" when you clearly never wanted to be.

Because really why should I expect highly of a series already with a group of well established characters and the resources to make something good that can appeal to everyone? Shouldn't the series attempt to communicate why fans fell in love with the series in the first place or is your hollow waifu the actual reason?
We already answered this.

I genuinely hold this opinion even if you claim shitposting because god forbid someone doesn't enjoy the show, but I also hold the concern that often good shows get overlooked because series' like this one carry so much hype with them.
What are you even talking about? overlooked in what way? is not gonna get threads on 4chan? Myanimelist won't talk about it?
It won't have a discussion in this forum?

What's stopping you from making a topic about the Anime you like?. People won't say "Hey, I like this Kancolle Anime, I won't watch any other Anime because this is popular!", "Hey I like this Kancolle Anime, so I will stop talking about any other Anime!", "Hey look, everyone is really excited about Kancolle!, I'm going to get excited too and ignore this other Anime which doesn't look as good", and if they do, It's better to have them away from the Anime you like.

Shall I blame Danna ga Nani not being too popular on last season because Log Horizon was on it, and in some weird way it got overlooked?
Shall I blame Kancolle because nobody is talking about Cinderella Girls in this forum? When it's another thing I play and I'm really excited about? (even more than Kancolle).
No right? Danna Ga Nani wasn't popular because it was made by a non-important studio, and even like that, people were talking a lot about it and a second season is coming, and there is no Cinderella thread here, of course nobody is talking about it.

Or it is the sales?
Do you seriously think this will stop a Japanese (they have money) to buy the BD and DVD of any anime they like, ever?
In my opinion, you seem to be the kind that gets mad because people talk about things that you don't like.

I wholly welcome you to address me when i like a show you don't because that is what online discussions should be all about.
You never wanted to have a discussion, if you did, then why did you made a post full of insults like is this was some kind of 4chan thread?
All you did was being rude, and when we ignored that, you started insulting, of course we had no other option but to answer, and now, you're saying that we're just telling you to fuck off because you didn't enjoy our show.

You made no sense.

This is my last answer to you, don't worry, I don't want this thread to be turned into a shit fest when all I want is to share my love to the Anime, I welcome people who want to have a discussion, but:

You never said "I don't like this Anime"
You degraded the entire fanbase.

I'm sorry for the harsh tone of words.
Last reply from me.
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Gonna go ahead and make a double post, sorry for that:


I'm so glad they decided to put her real nature, this is the akagi I know and love ;w;

CodeS wrote:


I'm so glad they decided to put her real nature, this is the akagi I know and love ;w;
Best Akagi..
Green Platinum
I am always pessimistic when it comes to anime.
This series provides nothing when I can easily just rewatch Strike Witches or Girls und Panzer, while neither are exceptional I know the content will probably be the same but who knows maybe Kancolle will just stick to showing off their characters because that is clearly working for them.
It was fun seeing what they do outside of the sortie stuff.
OH GOD this episode ;_;

USE THE INSTANT REPAIR! It's not too late!
... I wish ;_;
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Man this episode WTF ;______;

Actually I saw it coming because the Battle of Wake Island is where Kisaragi got sunk in real history.
i haven't watch the latest ep bec. i have classes early tomorrow(so i have to get to bed this instant and save the watching till then) and after seeing all these i'm like.... Slice of life, Their lives were indeed sliced..

with all these drama hypefeels idk if i can still watch this ;w;
Jesus christ the random CG scenes are ugly and annoying as fuck. It's like they had no budget to actually animate things.
Oh my god why ;w;

btw my yuubari finally take some scenes <3
And I got yayoi today lol
[ yogurt ]
I thought it's going to be cute battleship girls doing cute battleship things, not dying.

At least next week is KONGOU DESS.
Damn :( This was unexpected.


At least next week is KONGOU DESS.


I thought it's going to be cute battleship girls doing cute battleship things, not dying.
Can't agree more with this


At least next week is KONGOU DESS.

engrish will be powerful
we madoka now

I noticed Kisaragi sunk during the real Wake Island, but didn't think too much of it until I noticed she's the non-MC with the closest relationship to one of the main six last episode.

I expected her to just return heavily damaged and have that steel the MC crew to prepare for more difficult battles in the future, not to flat out sink

They stuck way too many death flags on my drama sandwich though, can't even properly enjoy it. Seriously, the entire first half of the episode was nothing but fucking death flags
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Some history stuff about Kisaragi

She sank 30 miles (or 48 km) SW of Wake Island, at 05:42.
In the Anime they say 56km and at 15:42
She was replaced if I'm not wrong by Uzuki later in the war.

Japan also lost Hayate on that battle but well...
Nobody cares about Hayate or the Kamikaze class.
Green Platinum
Kisaragi's death flag by the point of the battle was probably so big it probably alerted the enemy of their position.
Kisaragi ga Kill anyone?

and that ending just added more salt to the wound ;w;
Well I can't say I'm too traumatized by the death of a character we knew for half an episode
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xxdeathx wrote:

Well I can't say I'm too traumatized by the death of a character we knew for half an episode
well yeah, tho for most of us it was a character we knew since 2 years ago.

Well mine ingame is only lvl 60 so I can't say much

Never liked her slutty lines
or her bad art

or the shitty stats

In a kinda related note.

Funny how everyone is leveling their Kisaragis since last episode.

almost everyone I know who plays kancolle is leveling her (mostly those who had her at lvl 1)


RIP Type 0 Recon Seaplane AKA Reimitei ;_;

Also, let's hope they don't start following history llike episode 3 on everyone, because if they do.
This is gonna make me ultra sad

Well, at least we know Mutsu would be something like this:


Edited on 28/01/2015

It's been a while since I had this much FUN watching an Anime

I can't believe how happy I'm, this is how I imagined all this time the live interaction between the sister would be.
All the references, all the ingame quotes, all the scenes with KONGOU, everything.

I had a huge smile from start to end.





Finally some rensouhou action!

This fucking entire scene man...

And that ending ;_; I got watery eyes the moment she said "It hurts, "it hurts" " ;_;

Fun and drama

jkalhsdfja Kongou's sisters <333333333333333333333
Shimakaze <33333333333333333333

CodeS wrote:

This fucking entire scene man...


Next week KAGA <33333333333333
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