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jonathanlfj wrote:

Giralda crossplay where
Hey guys, we're about done planning the osu! setups in the sheraton, there will be 2 stations to play on. We have a red switch and a blue switch keyboard there as well as 2 tablets (osu!tablet & my CTL470)
You are free to bring your own mouse/headphones/skin on a USB stick! Especially mouse if you are a mouse player as we don't have any gaming mice.
If you are interested in sharing a hotel room let me know
I'll be able to if the people living in jonathanlfj's room aren't willing to leave lel
Don't count on me though. Try to maybe find other options. If not, I have room in mines.
How many people should we stuff in a room?
I currently promised Chippy a space. Princess was also interested in a room to stay. I'm perfectly fine with letting more people into the room as long as everyone can find a way to make it work....
i'm gonna be playing osu! on Azer's tablet!? *drools* :)
Last minute~ But I'll be going and mostly working in the gaming room so I don't think I'll miss the meetup.
I meant that I have a room and if anyone wants the other twin bed and split the cost then they're welcome
I;m gonna be missing on friday because my dad is having surgery in the morning but i'll be there really early sat :D!!
To the people bringing their tablets to AN for the weekend:

Please don't forget your tablet pen.
I have tablet and pen I can lend (2 actually!) if anyone is interested, didn't know this was a thing
Not going to end up playing today, though I'll definitely stop by later on in the day.
Picture time ayy

I was there and none of you said hi wow
I'm so salty I couldn't go this year...

Fullerene- wrote:

I was there and none of you said hi wow
no one said hi to me either

im too shy

Fullerene- wrote:

I was there and none of you said hi wow

Navizel wrote:

no one said hi to me either
im too shy
Same, seemed like everyone knew each other, then again I really didn't put much effort into starting a conversation, but it was still fun.
but Lytessill talked to me, he's a pretty chill guy.
I only know Haneii and Byaku. and then Haneii left. ;~;
I got trolled SO hard by rlc :(

Otherwise was fun
It was cool meeting all of you guys at Anime North! Unfortunately I won't be there Sunday because I'm working on my Capstone Project. Some of the cool people i met :>

@ -Soba-
@- [ U z z I ] -

Hopefully next year I can stay the whole 3 days to hang out with you awesome people :D. I had lots of fun!!

Sorry if i missed some people in the list!
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