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jonathanlfj wrote:

How do you want me to record it? From osu main menu to song selection to the replay or just the replay itself?
And quality, I can do anywhere from 30fps 720p to 60fps 1080p, so let me know about that as well.

EDIT: sent the video to Haneii. Yoshi if you want I can record the replay for you, just toss me a pm
sure, I'll PM you if I see you online, 'cause I prefer in-game chat over forum messaging

you do the same if you notice me online too, I might be playing or something :P I have the replay ready to be puushed whenever so yeah

those wrote:

Does this count
LOL showoff :P
Holy shit I haven't looked at this thread in like a month. Is KRZY really going? If so, shit just got real.
what am I a celeb?
I'll get there around midday Thursday. Anything set in stone right now for later that night?
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Pocket schedule is out:

Is it okay to have our Saturday meet at 5pm at the Sheraton?

I guess we should have the dates and locations in the op set by this weekend. Any suggestions for days/times/places?
that's fine but let's make it outside the Sheraton. remember what happened last year :(
Is there a skype group? I just checked slack and it seems to be dead

truonant wrote:

Is there a skype group? I just checked slack and it seems to be dead
There is a group. Just pm me your skype and i'll add you, or somebody.
Believe it or not, I'm looking forward to meeting the people who I didn't get to know last year and all the first timers :D
We have a pretty large group, but I encourage all of you to not be shy and come out to talk to everyone! You'll never know what you can find. After all, the only reason I became a mapper was from meeting jonathanlfj and Nyquill at AN. Who knows what kind of amazing things you'll be able to accomplish after the con?

See you all in a week!
Giralda crossplay where

jonathanlfj wrote:

Giralda crossplay where
Hey guys, we're about done planning the osu! setups in the sheraton, there will be 2 stations to play on. We have a red switch and a blue switch keyboard there as well as 2 tablets (osu!tablet & my CTL470)
You are free to bring your own mouse/headphones/skin on a USB stick! Especially mouse if you are a mouse player as we don't have any gaming mice.
If you are interested in sharing a hotel room let me know
I'll be able to if the people living in jonathanlfj's room aren't willing to leave lel
Don't count on me though. Try to maybe find other options. If not, I have room in mines.
How many people should we stuff in a room?
I currently promised Chippy a space. Princess was also interested in a room to stay. I'm perfectly fine with letting more people into the room as long as everyone can find a way to make it work....
i'm gonna be playing osu! on Azer's tablet!? *drools* :)
Last minute~ But I'll be going and mostly working in the gaming room so I don't think I'll miss the meetup.
I meant that I have a room and if anyone wants the other twin bed and split the cost then they're welcome
I;m gonna be missing on friday because my dad is having surgery in the morning but i'll be there really early sat :D!!
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