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Firis Mistlud

I wanna try some interesting flow and symmetry on lower diffs , and the map itself is quite gentle as the song itself
DTM9 Nowa
Hey monstrata

This is ready to go https://osu.ppy.sh/s/590152 and it follows all of your rules \:D/

I guess i can try to say word or two about why the mapping is good/high quality

Mostly the mapping is fairly standard, the lower difficulties have some nice slider art and calmer mapping but the intensity of the song starts to pick up really quickly as you get further up on the difficulties. As i said the lower difficulties don't really give too much of difficulties for the players which is there to ensure the playability (what else would you except from a person who maps a normal map to aspire) and enjoyability for the players but the top difficulty really shows that off what the song is about, giving a technical finger control mapping and a lot of streams while still keeping the experience enjoyable and playable.

Also you gave me a 10 on Flow and Structure in the aspire judging thing :v

Thanks a lot for keeping this up. Really happy to see someone actually cares about helping others to push their maps forward

This song starts calm and gains more strength as it progresses. This map has sliderarts from Easy-Gungi and some symmetrical patterns. In Gungi diff i use many star jumps and blankets, cause i like this style of mapping.
This is my first map who i really want to push to ranked, i put all my experience in mapping and i think it's really funny in gameplay.
I think this map has the quality necessary for ranking and +59SP in this moment.

Thank you Mr.Monstrata (:
Hello Monstrata~


You already know this map lol. Didnt want to bother you again with a bubble repair, but I see this as my last chance.

So 2BNs tier2 weren't interested in pushing the map to the qualify section. One complained aboud highest diff and the other about some sliders on Easy. Imo Easy is already fine (i gave my reasons on thread), therefore I decided to remap my highest diff instead by taking suggestions from previous mods. Now the set is, from my eyes, definitely better than last time you modded it so yeah. Also, highest diff had already received some mods (not necessary forum post).

To finish I just can tell you again that this is one of my very first maps I made (2015) so I really would appreciate one last help from you.

Thanks in advance!
Hello! Its me again.
The map is currently bubbled but not affected by the new tiering system as it was bubbled prior to the changes. A quick 1 minute exercise song.
Hey o/

I reckon Ambient and I did a pretty good job at representing the song in this map. It contains some pretty interesting patterns that has proven to be quite fun yet challenging to play. While I'll admit our styles aren't the most cohesive, it does create a very unique experience. Ample feedback has also been given so I'm confident that the map is ready!

Thank you!

Very simple song with simple mapping, I guess. It's not groundbreaking or anything but I tried to make it very fun and simple, like the song.
Hi !


Just a simple generic map i guess. Got lots of opinions from other bns, and from xexxar who popped this once lol. Please have a look :)

Thank you.
Topic Starter

I will be going through all maps in this queue if they followed the rules. If I don't check your map, please don't ask me why. You are free to request again when I open my queue next week :). Hopefully you've improved your map or whatever ^^.

Just a PSA: Because of the number of requests I'll be processing through, the earliest I will be doing rechecks on maps I've modded/starred is probably June 1st, and possibly later. You are free to call me if you are ready before then, but do not expect a recheck until afterwards.
I have a question. Will you be reverting back to normal modding or doing this for the foreseeable future?

Dragontail wrote:

I have a question. Will you be reverting back to normal modding or doing this for the foreseeable future?
this is going to happen for a while i believe :d
Topic Starter
I'm down to the last 15 or so maps to check. To everyone who's maps I starred, please send me a forum pm with a Bubble Icon when you are ready for recheck. I modded way too many maps to keep track, so if you don't call me back, I won't remember.

This queue is still closed. But it may open soon!
Topic Starter
Open for M4M 4 slots.


-Map's total drain must be below 10 minutes.
-I haven't bubbled a map by you in the last 2 weeks.

Also, free guaranteed mod + recheck for the first person who can find official metadata for this song. This will remain open until metadata is found. Please forum pm me your sources if you decide to try this. You can reserve a slot and also try and find metadata. If you find metadata, you can request any map you want, there is no limit to drain time!

Please post a placeholder, thanks! Also no hitsounds yet, so don't mod them~
DeRandom Otaku
Is it ok if its 2 minutes up?
Topic Starter

Winter Story - sry, you were 5th so rip xP. But it's not okay to be over 2 minutes up anyways. You can try a later queue, good luck ^^
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