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https://osu.ppy.sh/s/576426 all modes are approved it's just the people i've asked aren't returning .-.
@ilove4youever - Good question. I think i'll keep this for standard, but i'll check your map too. For taiko/ctb i'm more just checking friend's maps for now so I can get better feedback. It's something you can't get from modding regular maps since mappers will give you an average reply, and I think having the extra conversation really improved my mapping at a much greater rate :D.


I have the idea of following the rotations of the video with the notes' flow. I think that idea's pretty nice even though it's pretty outdated. And for rhythm, i tried to build it up bit by bit, so the difficulty goes progressively.

https://osu.ppy.sh/s/519955 I like the song a lot, and i wanted to map it, and so I did. The map is ready I believe since it has 16 mods, 2 of which are BN mods. Total drain time is just over 1 min 50 seconds. I also think it deserves to be ranked because the ranked maps of this song are all old, and the newest ranked map of it kinda goes overboard a bit
aaaaaa i hope this is still open


the map has been praised for its aesthetics, and it involves a lot of geometric patterning (esp triangles) which imo is some of my best work visuals wise

also it's stack 0.2

I think my map is ready for a nomination because I already got a tier 2 bn that star iconed the map, so a huge BN check isnt even necessary anymore - just a bubble is needed. I dont think you see this kind of map very often in ranked section and I bet it will get some nice scoreboards (without plenty hddt fc or hdhr).
Thanks for consideration! :)
Hello Monstrata :3


You probably know how this song is beautiful, which made me want to do a "masterpiece". I don't know if it is, though I clearly think this is my best map. Some people may not like it, because of overlap, and other things, because I wanted to follow my interpretation of the song (mainly following the voice), this is why I had to break some guidelines, but it's not for the worse I think. I tried to play with slider shapes, flow and rhythm with the objects to print the song into the mapping.
I've got 7 mods, which may seems not a lot, but I think general issues were fixed.

Thanks :3

Hello Mr. Monstrata. This is the map that I've made with my friends.
I think our map is ready because it has 25 mods, 1 mod is from Bakari (BN). Bakari also helped us with the map on his twitch stream.
This song is from Koe no Katachi which is the new movie. So people who watched this masterpiece can play the song from it in osu too.
Hm... let's see... To be honest there's not much to say about our map. Our map doesn't have that much creativity. Just a common map.
Total drain time is 9 minutes.
Hope you will like the song!

Thank​ you!
Hi Monstrata
I won't lie and I will say this is one of my first attempts at mapping but I think i learned quickly and I've gotten more mods than I had ever expected(14), especially for the first map I submitted. The beauty in the song.. I'll say Osu! Needs more memes :) I feel like there aren't enough memes in osu! and many of the few that are available are restricted to high star ratings. The total drain time is 1 minute and the map is well structured and represents my best attempt at mapping.

as a mapper I really wanted to have at least one ranked map. Although it sounded silly, but at the very least my hard work would pay off after years of mapping, getting an acknowledgement from the community

this map is one of them, i have been getting good feedback but nominators turned a blind eye. So if it's possible. Please do check this out.

With a total of at least 15 mods. I think my map is ready to be pushed forward. Please check it out!
Ready for bubble I think
Total drain 3~ min


Have a nice day!
I hope that you will pick me because my map is a featured artist map and it's pretty simple and there is no issues
Let's give it a try!


This may not be the most creative map but I did put a lot of effort into it. Having received numbers of mods from veteran mappers really help me polish this map. I hope you like it :)
Let this one go for bubble!


Huge thanks in advance! The reason why I think this is ready because it's just got barely some issues left that I think BN can figure out since I can't (I know there are, just don't know where they are). Perhaps said: final steps, I guess? ^^
alternate map. it has good amount of mods from experienced people and a post from pkk saying it's cool! xD

ProfessionalBox wrote:

The one time I would have made it I have no maps LUL


quite a challenge map with some good looking streams! also your mod will help me to assess my own mapping skills because i strongly doubt them.

thank you!
Some slow ambient dong for bubble check.

My philosophy on this map is structuring prominent beats on sliderends to experiment with a different kind of emphasizing the song by prioritizing 'feeling' and flow over the standard prominent beat on sliderhead / circles - less prominent beat on sliderends formular. combined with a visually clean and pleasing straight slider only concept makes this map something not seen quite often in ranked.

This song is cute because Panda dancing. It's graveyard because i can't found a BN, if BN want nominated it, i can revived it back but sadly my pending maps is full now. This map is simple with flow, rhythm, emphasis is simple too but it's fun to playing with the lyrics storyboard is simple too. Just mapping that song for We Bare Bears discography and I don't add something like meme thing. This map is my best map ever i'm mapping. Thank you
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