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[resolved] Can you change color scheme of a map that already has hits?

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Problem Details:
(probably a noob question, i don't map very often.)
I was mapping a song when in the middle of it, I realized that I forgot to change the color scheme of the combos. I went into the song setup and into colors and I changed the colors to the ones I want and I clicked ok. it said beat map has to save and then everything was the same. none of the combos changed colors to the ones I picked. I tried going to new combo to see if I can change each one by hand but I couldn't, is there a way I can change the colors without having to map the whole thing over again? I just want to change the color scheme.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
(I had already pressed ok when I took this picture. This is to show my current setting in comparison to the map.)

osu! version: 20141226.7 (latest)
no, you can't

nvm, misreaded
Could you link me the map or puush its osz if it isn't submitted yet?
Do you have this checked in options?

If yes,
Untick that
Disable custom colors?
Afaik, it uses the skin's color when selected, instead of what you have chose
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vahn10 wrote:

Do you have this checked in options?

If yes,
Untick that
thanks this solved my problem. i unticked it so now it works.
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