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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, March 29, 2010 at 5:48:13 PM

Artist: Noriyuki Iwadare, Yasuko Yamada
Title: Shi-Long Lang: Speak Up, Pup!
Source: Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations
Tags: capcom shi-long lang shiryu rou speak up pup miles edgeworth ace attorney investigations video games
BPM: 100
Filesize: 2472kb
Play Time: 02:03
Difficulties Available:
  1. Subordinate [Normal] (2.31 stars, 85 notes)

Download: Noriyuki Iwadare, Yasuko Yamada - Shi-Long Lang: Speak Up, Pup!
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
This it the theme song for Shi-Long Lang from the game Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations. The easiest difficulty is Subordinate (Normal), and I plan on making 2 other difficulties: Detective (Hard), and Interpol Agent (Insane). It's still a work in progress however, but will be my second beatmap ever made.

Update: Fixed a few problems. Nothing too major. Also shortened the end Spinner considerably.
Check timing and maybe offset: I shouldn't be the one helping though.
I don't suggest using 1/6 spacing, especially for something easy. Also, use a higher grid size.
Consider mapping the intro: or at least 00:02:500 - 00:12:100. Add a lead-in time if you do this.
The whole map seems to have very inconsistent spacing: try to make it the same throughout.
00:15:100 (3) - Spacing.
00:18:700 (3) - ^ It's slight though.
00:22:300 (2) - Spacing
00:28:900 (7,8) - Not very readable
01:07:900 (1) - New combo? You don't have to...
01:36:700 (5) - Again, readablity. It should be fine for a harder diff though.
01:45:700 (5) - Spacing?

Quite good for one of your first maps anyway. I'll be making a guest diff at some point.

EDIT: Tags are seperated by spaces, not commas.
Great map. I don't really have much to say other than that you should try and minimise slider overlaps, as they look pretty ugly. Smooth, flowing curves are best to play and look at. Also, some of your combos are pretty long for an easiest diff, You should split them up.

BPM seems fine but I'd add 50 to the offset.

I have no idea how to change the grid size. If I did, I would not have had to crop my background image in order to get his head into frame. Sigh. Guess it's FAQ digging time for me, huh?

Well what's weird is I used the distance tool so... I don't see why the spacing would be a problem. If so, that's more the fault of the tool for misleading me. I'll give it a look anyway though.

Also I'm not sure what purpose offset serves, but since it's only 50 I went and added it anyway. I don't see any difference though.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see what you mean by spacing now. That's why we have criticism, no?

I've made changes according to IAmNotShinta's suggestions. Except for the one about 1:07, because I never started a new combo at that time. The only number that comes close to a 1 on the timeline at that time is "11", and though I didn't check for sure, it's possible that that fact, combined with my previous color scheme (two of the colors were a bit similar to each other), I could see how a misunderstanding might arise. So to correct that possible issue, and also to keep more in theme with the person who's theme song this is, I've made changes to the color scheme.

As far as the combos, perhaps they can get long, but the song is slow and even though it's an "easiest" map, the difficulty is "Normal", not "Easy". And as far as this beatmap goes, I actually forced myself to hold back. Compared to what I could have done... hehehehe. Lang-Zi says: [insert random and vague proverb about difficulty]

Oh and one more thing: I will map the intro a bit more in harder difficulties, but as it is I think it's fine for this difficulty. Though when I first started the map I DID consider it before. It's definitely going to be an option in my next difficulty, once I not only iron out all the wrinkles in this map, but also have the time to actually do a "Hard" difficulty. Insane, well, I can always come back to this map once I have more experience.

(Btw, thanks for telling me about the tags. How embarrassing D: )

in any case, thanks for the feedback, both of you. Hopefully I've made some changes that will fix most of the problems, and then I could possibly start working on Hard.
Offset is effectively where the first beat is, and therefore where the bpm is counted from.

You change the grid size with view > Grid size if you haven't worked it out yet :P
Awesome map and love the song too! +1 Star :D

My only problem is at 00:24:95 (4) - A bit too high I think, it should be a bit closer to the middle. Possibly just move this whole combo down?
Also, your second break is pretty lengthy, but I admit there's not much you can do in that period :?

Looking forward to the other difficulties!
... Yea, not much to be said here, haha
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