BlackYooh vs. siromaru - BLACK or WHITE?

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Congratulations BluOxy for your first qualified mapset owo
Yay \o/
Couldn't mod in time ;;

Secretpipe wrote:

Couldn't mod in time ;;
sukiNathan's virginity owo
[ Mephisto ]
Congrats 8-)
OMG, BluOxy is this very nice map!
Gratzz~ :3
Great work here, congratulations!
P o M u T a
おっやったなMy Brother! 8-)
omg finally ranked. grats
Gratz! :)
Really good job on this one<3
This really should get a better mp3

EDIT: better mp3: turns out 320kbps isnt allowed

hhjkl wrote:

This really should get a better mp3

EDIT: better mp3:

ziin wrote:

Top left: source ogg
Top right: 128 kbps mp3 from source ogg
Bottom left: beatmap audio
Bottom right: youtube video audio Note the names are virtually the same.

I can almost guarantee that the source (best quality I could find was the ogg submitted to the contest) was not used. Instead the 96 kbps mp4 audio stream from the video was used and encoded to 128 kbps resulting in the cutoff at 15kHz (which is expected of an mp3 at 96kHz).

It would be good to use a spectrum analyzer during the qualification process to confirm that the cutoff is above 16kHz (128 kbps mp3). The upper limit would be 19kHz for 192 kbps, but that's not important for obvious reasons. This is supposed to come out during modding, but clearly this is getting missed as it is a tedious process such as checking for metadata consistency prior to automation via AIMod and AIBat. It could be automated, but I sincerely doubt that anyone has the time or energy to figure something like this out. I wasn't able to find a simple program to do this automatically without visual inspection.
Also should be Disqualified cause the audio isnt really 128kbps

The song's audio file must be of reasonable quality. Try and source mp3 files yourself; ripping them from a streaming video site often results in low quality audio with high file sizes. The bitrate of a beatmap's audio file must be no lower than 128kbps and no higher than 192kbps. If you are having trouble acquiring an appropriate audio file, contact one of the more audio-savvy BN; they will be more than happy to help find an mp3 for you.
Just for reference here's the 192 mp3 I made from the 128 source ogg.
Hi there

Going to disqualify the mapset because of the bad quality of the mp3. Please use the one ziin suggested, also check out the spectral analysis to see the improved quality.

As you can see, the mp3 you use is cut off at 15 khz, whereas the other one starts being cut off at 18khz -> better quality.

Otherwise, the mapset is fine. Good luck reranking!
this might be a better mp3 (192)

Some1 wrote:

this might be a better mp3 (192)
There's no doubt it's better quality than the original, but it looks poorly encoded. If you explain how you got it it would help.
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・New mp3 what ziin gave me! thanks.
・I changed offset (+20) at the same time to new mp3.
・I deleted 00:23:208 (5) and changed 00:23:046 (4) to slider to red tick.
・01:23:289 (5,6) - i deleted these sliders and changed to stream.
・01:30:586 (6) - I moved more under left a bit.
・01:34:316 -01:35:208 (7) - I changed flow, check it!

I hope it will be going to be fine!
I'll check when I get home~
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sukiNathan wrote:

I'll check when I get home~
Secretpipe wrote I want to check the map, you don't have to check! :D
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