BlackYooh vs. siromaru - BLACK or WHITE?

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sukiNathan wrote:

Hm I'll take a look at this...

Just some nazi/suggestions

  1. Add "kac2013オリジナル楽曲コンテスト" and "original song contest" to tags? Taken from fixed at least オリジナル楽曲コンテスト means original song contest, I just added "original song contest" and kac2013 that is already added.
  2. Disable widescreen support and epilepsy warning? There's no SB fixed

  1. 00:14:837 (3,1) - Stack is off fixed
  2. 00:17:431 (2,3,4) - Try a different placement here. For new players this arrangement might be confused with a linear pattern like this as if they all had 1/1 gaps. fixed
  3. 00:51:161 (3) - I recommend just using a 1/1 slider instead, keep the polarity simple and easy for new players + avoid the overlap. fixed
  4. 00:52:458 (1,2,3) - Same thing mentioned before fixed
  5. 01:06:729 (3) - Consider just using a circle on the downbeat instead, I think the rhythm may be a bit confusing with the repeat being on the blue tick, but since it's only a repeat it might be fine. Up to you, don't forget you can avoid an overlap here too if you apply my suggestion. fixed
  6. 01:34:621 (1,2,3) - Might wanna use circles here too, same reason above. Also isn't this kind of difficult to read? Ahh, yes putting 3/4 reverse slider in a continuous is not good for beginners. I fixed "3/4 reverse slider, 3/4 reverse slider, 3/4 reverse slider, 2/1 slider" to "3/4 reverse slider, 1/1 slider, 3/4 reverse slider, two notes". well check it! when I updated (I must ask priti about fixing the map)
  7. 01:41:756 (1,2,4) - ^ almost same as before. check it!

AR 5 might be a bit more balanced between BASIC and ADVANCED
  1. 00:40:783 (4,6) - Stack is off fixed
  2. 01:46:296 (3,4,5,6,1) - 5 1/2 circles seems a bit much, use a 1/2 slider or repeat maybe. fixed
  3. 01:53:431 (1,2,3,4,1) - ^ fixed

  1. 01:54:404 (2) - Ctrl+G this? I don't see any point in the harsh flow change.
I feel a good flow than the opinion

The spread for NOVICE->ADVANCED looks fine to me. Both difficulties already have a good use of 1/2, ADVANCED just introduces some slightly complex rhythms, some small jumps and a more dense rhythm in general. ADVANCED does have a fair amount of 1/4 but most are in the form of repeats which don't really count.

Let me know~
thank you for modding! And I changed
01:44:594 (2,3) - i deleted a red repeat point of this slider to straight.
00:57:323 (1) - i just changed the slider of form more artistic.

I don't.. shouldn't upload mapset right now because the bubbles will be broken. I'll ask BN again
You can update don't worry
Yeah it's fine BluOxy, go ahead and update it. I even asked a couple other BNs!

Edit: After doing a random file check, I found out one of the hitsounds has a slight delay of 3.5 ms

Here's a file with the delay cut off! -> normal-hitwhistle.wav

the first few ms of normal-hitclap2 were also silent so -> normal-hitclap2.wav
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sukiNathan wrote:

Here's a file with the delay cut off! -> normal-hitwhistle.wav

the first few ms of normal-hitclap2 were also silent so -> normal-hitclap2.wav
Oh, thanks! I updated!!
Well deserved, have my virginity!

22:27 sukiNathan: hi!
22:27 BluOxy: hi~!
22:27 sukiNathan: just take the hitsounds I posted in the thread
22:27 sukiNathan: replace and update
22:27 sukiNathan: ill check one more time then qualify if good
22:27 BluOxy: yes, thank you for your customed hitsound!!
22:28 BluOxy: sure
22:29 BluOxy: okay, then anyway I'll update!
22:32 sukiNathan: ok checking now
22:33 sukiNathan: looking at files first
22:35 sukiNathan: ah whoops I need to redl with new hitsounds
22:35 BluOxy: :)
22:37 sukiNathan: hitsounds good
22:39 BluOxy: yes, really I'm glad about new hitsound that has no delay!
22:39 sukiNathan: song setup options consistent
22:39 sukiNathan: files good
22:40 sukiNathan: ah
22:40 sukiNathan: about the two extra things you changed
22:40 sukiNathan: what difficulty was it?
22:41 sukiNathan: nvm it was master
22:41 BluOxy: two extra..? at least the hardest diff is MASTER
22:43 sukiNathan: alright
22:43 sukiNathan: everything looks good
22:44 sukiNathan: grats on your first rank!
22:44 sukiNathan: just posting
とっても素敵だ :)

Gratz :3

oooooo dam
such a nice map thanks and gratz
omg congrats dude (or girl?)
Gratz ~ ><)/
Congratulations BluOxy for your first qualified mapset owo
Yay \o/
Couldn't mod in time ;;

Secretpipe wrote:

Couldn't mod in time ;;
sukiNathan's virginity owo
[ Mephisto ]
Congrats 8-)
OMG, BluOxy is this very nice map!
Gratzz~ :3
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