What are the reasons that keep you into osu?

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Trying too look like I'm not dead outside
my maps and the editor itself. i enjoy spending time mapping songs i love when i have nothing else better to do
Because I have no chance at being a normie at this point

mizuki-chan wrote:

Because of the huge variety of songs/beatmaps
How fun it is, the community, the originality and satisfaction of the hit sound ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You can't quit.... The Circles will haunt you forever.....
Knowing one day maybe I'll actually not get sore playing Insane maps and actually be able to pass them. >w<
passing one particular map, after that i can deinstall osu forever xD
Addiction and boredom
Hmmmm, I guess I just don't have any reasons keeping me out. I wouldn't say I'm addicted to it, but I enjoy it as one of my favorite online games and take some time to pop in whenever I'm in the mood. I've never consider quitting, so thoughts of what keep me from doing so just haven't crossed my mind.
my friend keep competing with me
playing songs that i really like (mostly from anime) :3
i have terrible laptop that somehow still works after being drown two times in cola and once in milk,so it's capabilities aren't high enough for me to play anything else than osu! +this game is actually sometimes fun
New content released regularly, and the maps to songs are done really well. I can't even begin with how many animes I discovered through simply playing a TV Size ver. of a song on osu.

mizuki-chan wrote:

passing one particular map, after that i can deinstall osu forever xD
I used to think that srsly when I first started, the day I pass a 3* map would be the day I retire, because it was a struggle to make it through 2* maps. I finally did it one day after a while... but I never quit because it was too fun lol. Now I can sight read up to 5.5* maps.
I love hard games , osu! is hard , all the more reason i want to keep playing... other than that , i love rhythm games and it's addictive.
- no other games
- ♥ anime
- i bought a graphic tablet c:
i have no friends irl
x Arow
I enjoy brainless keybord smashing and mouse drifting.
- Never gets boring
- have no life
- nice and small community
- addicting

freedom dive
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