Final Fantasy X|V: Stormblood

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Playing it on the Cerberus server. Warrior ilvl110 for the moment.
I did the most stupid thing of leaving the free ps4 upgrade campaign until at a later date. I completely forgot about it and now it's too late... *facepalm*

Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy another copy of the game. ;~;
Just recently purchased FFXIV and so far enjoying it with myself. Currently on Leviathan server.
Takeshi Kida
best game..
Haven't purchased it when I played it but it was quite impressive. Rogue was my choice (as in any other mmorpg actually) :D
P.S. Limsa Lominsa is gorgeous~

emmy wrote:

exeNeko wrote:

i played alpha and beta but quit like 2 months after the release cause there was no content at all ._. ...
did they add lots of new stuff worth playing ? except from the gold saucer... which alone made me think about playing it again ^~^

i mean ... ff7 memories and triple triad was amazing in ff8... tho i liked the quadra -dont know the name anymore- thing card game of ff9 a bit better.
there's a lot of content for returning players, but it's exhausted pretty quickly. tt and the golden saucer were implemented pretty poorly too but you might still enjoy them.
sooo decided to come back to the game and am still enjoying it ... the amount of content added is phenomenal... i mean i played it for 2 months when it came out and quit (alpha and beta tester so the grind was real) and to see how much they added is rlly amazing... also the new addon being released in like 2 months is great ...
but u were right about the TT and the goldsaucer in general ... they didn do like a super good job on it, but i can deal with that... its decent over all... but the story as far as a story can go with an mmo is rlly good...

well nvm ^^ if u r playing on Odin feel free to add me @Fantzor Kami :)

PS.: 120Ninja 111Dragoon
Early access soon™ So who is gonna use their fantasia? (' x ')
I'll just stick to my tarufell >:

best side quest ever

Really enjoying HW so far at level 56 until like august tho since i'm not at home. Whelp I will have more content to by then since they are adding more soon.
I used my Fantasia to change from a cat to an Au Ra cuz I like them.
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Gumpyyy wrote:

I used my Fantasia to change from a cat to an Au Ra cuz I like them.
You went from having a furry tail to having a scaley tail.

nice me too
someone farm ponies wit me

anyone in ultros?

emmy wrote:

this expansion is really quickly killing my interest in this game ; ;
what exactly is wrong with it? I'm fairly new still and I can't CLEAR TITAN EX i'm retarded or something

KOTR fight looks cool

dunno about this alexander stuff though

emmy wrote:

this expansion is really quickly killing my interest in this game ; ;
a few months into the expansion, and this is just how I feel. :(

anyone else still playing out there?
There won't be an update until early Nov since the devs are still taking a break. They deserve it for how hard they worked, but there isn't really much to do endgame besides savage and capping eso.
Is endgame really that sparse? Can't wait for that after coming back to this game since beta.. :roll:
The content is awful right now.

I started over a few months ago on another server and I quickly got to i190 SCH, i180 BLM and now i'm just levelling other classes, working on achievements and my crafters/gatherers

Alex normal is too easy but I honestly don't have the motivation to go into Savage just because it's the same shit i've seen already. I am a hardcore raider in other games but those games made you feel special for raiding (you got to see content that casuals didnt)
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