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I looked for an FFXIV thread but couldn't find one so here goes..

What server do you play on and what's your favourite class? Lets talk about the game!

You can try it here:
White Mage and Bard on server Lich in the FC Serenity. Probably gonna wait for the expansion before I get serious about the game.
Luro II
I have a Bard on the Brynhildr server. I haven't played in a while though.

I was stuck playing the PS3 version, which was still really fun for a while, but it started getting to the point where I could barely do any end-game stuff because of the hardware limitations.

So I just kind of stopped playing until I could get a better PC/PS4. Funnily enough, I'm actually getting a new PC pretty soon, so hopefully I'll be able to start playing sometime soon.
V'apa Moha on moogle. This game takes up most of my time these days.
There's actually a fair amount of us (dkun / ephemeral / agnes / myself / etc.) that play FFXIV. We're all on Leviathan

Personally play a WHM, though use NIN/DRG/SMN on some older content to keep it interesting. Currently working on T13 (Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 4) with my raid group on Leviathan, though I've been away for two weeks so I've missed out on loot and such.
I miss this game. I've not played since last july. I think the last thing I was doing was progressing as a BRD (lvl. 12). I can't even remember which server I was on... T~T

I really want to play it again. It was the first FF game that I seriously played. Sadly, I can't find the time nor the money to keep playing it. I am considering of upgrading from PS3 to PS4 and continuing the game then in the near future.

a1l2d3r4e5d6 wrote:

I am considering of upgrading from PS3 to PS4 and continuing the game then in the near future.
Ps3 version can barely do endgame so that would be a good idea
I'm playing on Primal datacenter and Famfrit server. FC Order of the Rose (Dawn)

As far, my favourite classes are Monk and Black Mage <33333, but i wish to up a scholar someday..

I'm a Summoner main on the server Mateus, but due to the bad gear and raid condition they received at the release of final coil, I've switch to bard for my static progression, currently on T12 been with this static for a weeks and a half, I have a lot of level 50 class, actually love fishing and I am in a french FC that is pretty much the biggest french FC on our server(considering how small our server is, the FC is pretty small xD ) like about 200 persons :P .
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