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Problem Details:
Sometimes, osu! makes my screen crash (computer still runs, but I have to restart it in order to make my screen work again). This does not happen a lot (about once every two hours), but it happens sometimes when I alt-tab or enter/exit the editor. I will know that my screen crash when I get an insane amount of screen flickering. When the flickering happens, and I try to exit osu!, or enter/exit editor, my screen will crash. This is not something new, I've been having this for like months now, I was just too lazy to send a bug report.
Yes, my drivers are up to date.

My screen is Eizo Foris FG2421 and it's running at 120Hz. Osu on DirectX and unlimited fps.

Another problem I've been having is that when I click within the osu! interface it often doesn't respond to my clicks. I have to press ESC on my keyboard and try again or spamclick some elements of the GUI sometimes. This happens in menu, song selection screen and ingame 'retry' button etc, pretty much everywhere.
I've been considering makign a separate post for this but I was thinking this might be related somehow since it's probably the interaction between osu! and my system (otherwise more ppl would have it I think)

osu! version: 20141222.5 (latest)
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Will this be ignored?
Are you playing the game in fullscreen or borderless?
drum drum
Are you maybe overheating?
About the first one, go to options and disable undo states
Having undo states can make osu go slower, or even crash, but you can no longer use the undo
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Hi, it works for me if I put osu! to borderless , I've been playing like that for a while now. However borderless doesn't solve my second most annoying problem: the GUI that is not responding. And I'd also prefer to play fullscreen if possible.
@drum drum I'm definitely not overheating.
@baraatje123 I'll try the undo states thing tomorrow.
Clicking, keyboard or mouse?
With keyboard, do the buttons respond correctly normally?
To check
Open chat
Play a map with automod
Leave the chat open when 'watching' osu! play
Click together with it and see if text appears (if using keyboard)
Ofc, you don't have to use the chat, you can also use internet/word/notepad etc.
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The keyboard works perfectly fine for me in osu!, it's the mouse clicks that sometimes do not get detected (ingame they do, but not in the GUI). This is 100% not a problem with my mouse, just like the screen crash is not a problem with my screen, because I've tested them on countless other games and the problems don't appear there.
Press f10?
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F10 only modifies mouse buttons ingame. Ingame they already work perfectly, not in the GUI (song selection, sorting/group/collections, retry/continue, etc)
I thought was talking about them being bad while playing
Must learn how to read better
Open the "osu!.<username>.cfg" file in the main osu! directory with notepad/wordpad (or any other text editor)
and look for the line "RefreshRate = " and try changing that from 60 to 120 (or vise versa), and see if that helps at all?

Sounds to me like a mismatch between what osu! tells your monitor to do and what you monitor wants to do.
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Oh yeah the refreshrate was set to 60 instead of 120 for some reason. I changed it, but nothing notably changed.
The screen crash hasn't occurred for me today though, and the GUI seems more reponsive lately as well, however it still doesn't always respond to my clicks.
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