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CTB moving character even though not press buttons

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Hey guys!
I noticed that when I play Catch the Beat that my buttons are shown as pressed even though I do not press and the CTB character is moving . . . :?:
On my tabletPc it also happens :?
What should I do?
Used to happen to me too, now it doesn't, no idea why, this problem got ignored at the times.
if ur using a laptop its a glitch with a n-key rollover, happens very rarely only when the cpu is under a lot of load
Yep, we know about this as I was the one who reported it. I made a small video about this error as well but they just ignored it. For me the problem somehow solved itself but as it appeared again here is the link for the original topic. t/151380/start=0&&hilit=ryuuta
Well,this problem is quite known for a lot of CtB players. It might be a key delayed response, or just laptop keyboard problems.
I had it too,thats why i bought a USB keyboard.
Sometimes my game get stuck in non-stop scolling too :(

Restart = fix 100%
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