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Hi testutaro! o/

I considered half spread as half time.
If the reward is given, then : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/234125

Hope you accept in and thanks in advance! :D
  1. The number before it is the number of points you can get for clearing it
  2. Getting a total of 9 points gets you a mod (accumulative)
  3. Each person can only get points for each goal once (eg. even if you post 9 scores for the Cirno goal, you only get 1 point), but different goals all count

Sorry guys this idea is still new to me too. I am fixing buggy parts while we test things out.

@Aldwych: Cirno +1pt / Vertex +4pts / Total 5pts
Yes I mean Half Time, sorry
Ok so i guess i can wait for the next round with new maps to get the 4 remaining points.
I'm gonna wait so (i cannot pass the ura).

Yay, SS \o/
And here's my map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/224043 -w-

too lazy to learn speed up pattern
Mew104: Kitchen +9 = 9pts
Kin: Cirno +1 Vertex +4 = 5pts
Verto: Cirno +1 Vertex +4 = 5pts
Yo ! Since I have my 9 points, can I have a mod on my Canapi ? It's a short song, don't worry :D


Thanks a lot for reminding me ! :D
OK listed.

And for a final test of the running of things, changing up the goals for the first time!
Trying that new round

first map: score>238,000=>263,710

second map(lol that song!): full combo (there was two Oni so i played both :c
-authentic Oni <Kimidori>

-authentic Oni <3DS2>

-third map: accuracy>99%=>99,22% (uhh that last pattern... i would need more try to fc it i think ;_;)

In case i did well, may i just have a ticket for the moment ? (ill upload the map soon)
Thanks in advance.
@Nofool: Snowman +1 / mint tears +6 / Total 7pts
For Let It Go we're asking all 良/300/perfect (and let's settle on Kimidori because there's less notes)
hooo i had not understand that lol x_x,
could you let me try another time to perfect kimidori then ? i can't acc as easily as before but i think i can still SS that x_x

edit: if i had another chance
after 10k retry...... omg (missed a slider+some big notes at least lol)
Yay Counted

Also new goals for the new year!

Here his the map i need some help on : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/247517
may you check it :c ?

The collab diff is not 100% done yet so you can dodge it but please rate star it if possible (im interrested in your star rating x_x)

If I understood correctly, the below ones should be enough to qualify?




Dat speed change in #2, argh, haha. Please let me know if things aren't done correctly, will redo if necessary.
@lolcubes: 特良 means double hitting the large notes at the accuracy of a 良 [x]
Technically here you don't have to hit every other notes and just bare pass, to focus on the large notes www

@Nofool: noted
Ah, that's kinda, really difficult if you use a FPS limiter. x_X
I'll try later though. :p 71/72 or 72/72 is really unreal though. ;_;

Taiko mod req please :D thanks~
Hi tetsu~

I hope is okay

The map I want mod is https://osu.ppy.sh/s/271701 :3
@Hanjamon: mkay. And backlog is back yay

@Yuuto: Am I bad for not saying anything but "read everything and check out the people around you"?
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