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- Milhofo -
Starting a queue to practice my modding and mapping skills :)

  1. I only play and mod STD maps.
  2. I can mod any difficulties, I have a harder time modding alternate maps though (eg.: Scarlet Rose)
  3. I only mod marathon's if I really like the song/songs in it
  4. I'll mod a minimum of 2 diffs per request (won't map more then 3 if song is longer than 4 minutes)
  5. WIP are accepted as long as it has at least 2 completed diffs
  6. Any genre will do, but I take preference on Rock/Metal, Vocaloid (GUMI / Luka songs will get the best mods :v) and Anime songs
  7. Give me at least a week to mod your map, if I haven't modded yet after that period feel free to send me a reminder pm

You may request a ticket if by some reason you want to mod my map and don't have a map to be modded yet, or the map you want modded isn't finished yet. If you have modded a map from me (not M4M), and want me to mod a map from you, you may request a ticket aswell, I'll probably accpet it (There's no time limit for this rule, your mod could be 1 year old, as long as you link it, it's valid).

Ticket holders:
  1. Halfslashed
  2. [Sc4v4ng3r]
  3. Come[Back]Home

Feel free to post here, send me a PM or contact me in game when your request is ready.

I have a blacklist to keep the people that don't mod back my M4M's or have disrespected way too many rules, I keep it private for reasons. If you're in my blacklist it's higly probable you'll never get a mod from me again.

Check queue status on my last post!
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- Milhofo -
Queue open for 3 maps [0/3]
3:53 drain times
Hope you like this song :)
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- Milhofo -
Allright queue full! [3/3] I'll open it again when I'm done, M4M always open.
My Mod: t/260325
My Map:
Thanks :3
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- Milhofo -
All done. NM open for 2 maps [0/2]
El SolarBeam
Thanks ! :):)
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- Milhofo -
Closed again [2/2].
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- Milhofo -
All mods done! Re-open for 2 NM [0/2]
Blanc Kisaragi
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- Milhofo -
Closed. M4M always open.
M4M ---> Zetsubou no Minuet

my mod ;3

thanks <333 :):):):)
Hello! :D

M4M please

Mod: p/3582442#p3582442

Map: yanaginagi - Clouds Within The Water

Sorry I'm relatively new at modding and mapping. Since my mod wasn't that good you don't have to mod all mine. You can mod only hard mode if you wish.

Have a nice day! :)
I'm really working hard on getting this map approved, mind helping? <3 :)
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- Milhofo -
Open for 2 NM [0/2]. M4M always open, and please read the rules.

I'll also NM a map from the first 3 people that can answer the following question correctly: What was my osu! level when I reached rank #5.000? (I wouldn't be asking if it was that hard to find)
Answer rules:
  1. Link the map you want me to mod here in this thread. (only the link, no answer)
  2. Send me the answer and an explanation on how you found it through forum PM.
  3. I'll close the queue when 3 people get the correct answer.
  4. If any of those rules is not followed, the player's map won't be accepted.

Let's see who really wants those NM's :)
Hi there!
I would like it if you mod this mapset:

Posting here since it seems it isn't mandatory to answer the question...
Thanks in advance!
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