What made you start playing osu!?

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I usually see videos of osu! gameplay whenever I search for some anime OPs/EDs. Clicking circles on the screen looked interesting to me so I downloaded the game.
I can't exactly remember, but it was 3 years ago. (2012)
I was playing an Stepmania rip off android app called "Beats" and there was an osu mode in it. So I searched osu! in my Dad's iPhone Appstore
Yes, my Dad's iPhone Appstore, NOT the internet.
And then I found osu!Stream, and when I searched osu!stream on Google, I founded osu!
and after that, osu! was my thing.
One day before first day at school in Grade 3, I got sick, so I missed First Day of School (probably "YAY")
My fever was gone on the first day of school (Yes, that's still means I'm absent) and at afternoon, I got back home.
And then guess what? Backtrack to what I said earlier ("and after that, osu! was my thing")
I opened my computer (My Old Computer, because that was in 2012[?])
and played osu!
So, yeah.
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Heard about it from other rhythm game communities years ago
First saw it on boxbox's stream, and a few others after that. I decided to check it out because I thought I would be really good when I first started out. Turns out I was wrong
Stepmania was getting boring as fuck so I needed a new rhythm game. Also started playing osu! to get better at counter striker global offence. That didnt really work out exactly

thasyka wrote:

I was playing an Stepmania rip off android app called "Beats"
Beats isnt a rip off of stepmania, its a direct android port
I wanted something new to do, and osu! was in my mind for some reason. Also I'm a slow person so I thought osu! would help for some reason idk why
Some friends told me that there's this rhythm game that sounds interesting, they told me pretty much to "drop the stepmania and come to osu!"

There's only two of us left who're playing.
Videos :3
Come for the clicks, stay for the map making and the community.

A friend told me to play this and I liked some songs, so I kept playing this game until a few years ago, when I just became a shitposter.
R e n g e
I love playing and listening to music.
The combination of this is great .
I was looking for games that attract me to him . And here I found: D

sukiNathan wrote:

The lolis ofc
* Slow claps* gg.
Friend aka TheHabboDude123......
I've played EBA on the Nintendo DS before and was tripping balls when I saw that there was a computer port of it (osu!) so I went on and tried it and bam I'm here lol
Saw it on youtube. Plus I like music so playing a game with music? Win win for me.
Although shit has happened because of someone on here.
Friend who plays, named Kimchief, introduced me saying that it was really fun.... i have no regrets :D
Played osu! stream on ios because my friends thought it was hard. Found out about the PC version and played ever since
LoL streams
So I was posting in a forum I'm member of and I ran up into a few weeaboos talking about "Osu!", I googled it and found out it was a game.

And so started playing it :D
saw a vid of a guy called heibel playing osu, and a particular forum called this the shittest rhythm game ever so I played for about a year
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