What made you start playing osu!?

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One of my friends told me about it.
Since the game isn't that famous where I'm at, it usually gets around through friend recommendations
I joined this skype call with like 50 different people my friend invited me to, some guy started screaming, I JUST REKT (something i honestly couldnt understand him) and everyone asks what he is on and then posts a link to this map
I frequent GameFAQs, and back when I used to play League, some guy made a topic on the League board telling people that playing osu made you better at playing league. I didn't particularly care about getting better at league (In fact I quit the next week) but I've always loved rhythm games.

I then ended up seeing someone playing that Don't Stop Me Now map and got really interested in EBA.

Then I started playing osu! a lot and now I'm very happy with my progress.
This is more like "How did you found out about osu!"
Well, a friend of mine told me about it. I liked the game a lot, so I got addicted to it.
Since the day when i started playing osu!, I haven't seen the sunlight.
First time i saw it on Boxbox's stream then i thought i have to try this :D
My IRL friend. But he quite after a week lol.
A friend of mine.
Searching for more rhythm games
Played all three of the original NDS games, and thought, "man, it would be the coolest thing ever to have this on PC where you could make your own songs for it!" So I googled something like "Elite Beat Agents/Osu Tatakae Ouendan fan game", and was so surprised and happy to see there actually WAS something exactly along the lines of what I was looking for! That was YEARS ago, and it's still one of my favorite games to date (Whenever my friends see me playing, they tend to be speechless, then they say, "You're... REALLY good." xD)!

EDIT: Little do they know about people like cookiezi and rrtyui. xD
I started playing osu because of some people who kept on sharing their streams on fb LOL
was searching for games related with music in the Internet
I discovered osu by falling on a video of Osu championship
Gayzmcgee's videos lol
Back when i was playing FFR (FlashFlashRevolution) and stepmania all the time someone in FFR chat was talking about it,a while later came across a video of it it reminded me of it, and my passionate love for rhythm games consumed me, so i started playing. Now i know what its like to be a crack addict.
my friends invite me to this game
i wanted to kill myself so i played this game
started out as listening to the song flower dance on youtube, and found out the game :3
My friends told me about osu!stream on ios, and then I found out about the pc version.
I first saw someone playing it on a LoL stream a couple of years ago. Tried it out a little (probably like 50 plays), then didn't touch it until I had the random thought to play again a month or two ago. Been ridiculously hooked since then.
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