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Hakeru .. means ..err ..

its my original character :D so , its my original name given by me

and the..prismriver..yeah prismriver fans ..

/np COOL&CREATE - Rapid Ensemble 8-)
Degradation of the Next Generation
katekyou hitman reborn
katekyou hitman = hitman tutor

dNextGen wrote:

Degradation of the Next Generation
i thought it was the next generation o_0
Keksi = Keks ( Keks means Cookie in german .)

and then only an I and Keksi !

I heard that Keksi is a finnish cookie :D

Keksi wrote:

Keksi = Keks ( Keks means Cookie in german .)
Hey dude did you know that keksi is fi-

Keksi wrote:

I heard that Keksi is a finnish cookie :D
I signed up to Xbox Live and Padraig was taken. I looked through the suggestions and I seen VampiricPadraig. So I took it. End!
my name is Steven in l33t.
started useing that since i couldn't think of a better name
I remember trying to think of a cool username for... this...

I was like, grade 3 or something. Geez.

Anyways, I really liked the name and use it everywhere.

"But Droney, where did the numbers come from?"

Oh god you don't want to know.

On Neopets I was known as Petguy311. :oops:

So then whenever "Powerdrone" was taken, I used Powerdrone311. But Powerdrone was very rarely taken, so I was always known as Powerdrone. Then one day I decided to make an AoM online account... and low and behold Powerdrone was taken. So I used Powerdrone311, then I used it for the AoM forums, then when I was introduced to Ace Attorney Online I kept the numbers, and then to make sure everyone would know me for some reason I kept using those god damn numbers.

Man I'm glad I got rid of them finally. <3
Vertigo Voyage
its cuz im da beess
Koromo Amae (天江 衣, Amae Koromo)

Koromo is a second year student and is the ace of the Ryūmonbuchi team. She looks like a little girl who wears a bunny hairband and dislikes people who treat her like a child. Koromo's ability as a player is often emphasized, so much that she is considered one of the three strongest mahjong players, and she is also the key player that brings an end to Kazekoshi's winning streak. Her mahjong playing style gives pressure to her opponents while her ability can prevent them from tenpai.

Because moe magical mahjong is awesome.

Lemon Water
Oh my gosh Nekoroll that's adorable~! <3
My username has been in use for 2-3 years by myself.

Main username:

Time for some arithmetic.

First name Robbie = Ro - bbie = Ro

kodou = Japanese for pulse, but can be translated as drum beat.

To keep the name looking nicer from my perspective... kodo - u = kodo (and incidentally KODO is a Japanese taiko group)

Ro + kodo = Rokodo


If Rokodo by itself is not available for the reason that it has been registered already or I am using another IRC connection on the same server etc. etc. I will use one of these:

RokodoRL (real life first/last name initials tacked on at the end)
Rokorz (Roko + orz hybrid - orz is an emoticon of a person kneeling, usually used in frustration or failure)

EDIT: before anyone accuses me of being a weeaboo I initially started using this name as a player name for Taiko no Tatsujin.
Gabriel Henrique Wojcikiewicz
Gabriel+Wojcikiewicz = Gabrielwoj
i have like a million names i use

i don't even know why i picked takuma honestly

having one name gets old so i like to switch it up a bit

hard to keep track of but the other websites that i use i've abandoned

B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B)

Takuma on osu!
.dot on FFR which is dead and never coming back even though they said they would
Leigh on SC2
octopanda on DFO

and yeah i don't remember the rest

ps octopanda is not a mutant octopus panda. it means one panda is just not enough you need fucking 8 of them
Its based off my real (official) name:
"XinXin" pronounced "ShinShin", mixed = ShinXin = Shinxyn
Simple as that....

Why I don't have an English name is cuz my parents were FOB v-v and I'm too used to it now, so w/e
orioncomet = orion + comet
orion is my brother's nickname
comet is mine
and.. everyone are calling me with my brother's nickname, no one call me comet tho.
and I'm used to everyone call me 'orion' ..
my user name based on my last name and also my birthplace : Dallas
Dallas = Sallad
4ever = just a random word, you can read it forever or fever :P

Why do I reversed it? simple, I like salad
Lemon Water

Shinxyn wrote:

Its based off my real (official) name:
"XinXin" pronounced "ShinShin", mixed = ShinXin = Shinxyn
Simple as that....

Why I don't have an English name is cuz my parents were FOB v-v and I'm too used to it now, so w/e
I thought Shinxyn's username was based off of Pokemon...
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