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KDS' Taiko Queue [ NM closed | M4M always open | GD open ]

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General Information
- Taiko diff only. Don't give me some STD/CTB request.
- No genre limitation, and also no length limitation. Feel free to request.
- I can use English/日本語/한국어. Feel free to choose.

Normal Queue's Information
- One map per one post.
- Please check my last post.
- If I can't mod by any problem(Bubble, Rank, accident, etc...), I will give you Modding Pass.

Mod for Mod Queue's Information
- No the number of difficulty limitation. If you mod my all diffs, I will mod your all ones.
- If You can mod but don't need modding for now, can keep the Modding Pass for future.
- Current map for M4M :

Guest Diff Queue's Information
- I can make whole Kantan, Futsuu, Muzukashii, Oni, DS(Inner Oni). Feel free to choose and ask :3

- You can use Modding Pass anytime, anywhere!
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ok 3 slots OPEN
- Love1yV1ruS -
Hi KDS :D Im the first one!! YEAH~

Mod Kantan, Futsuu, Muzukashii, Oni, Inner Oni Plz (if you think thats too much you can ignore Kantan and Futsuu)

English modding plz, thank in advance. :)
yay KDS is back! in english please

Thanks in advance ^^

그리고 잘 돌아오셨어요 <3

Edit : 아 선수치기 당함
m4m으로 할게요 ㅠ

Edit2:맵 잘못씀
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3 NM and 1 M4M accepted.
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