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You must have a post of 150 to be able to get mods in this queue. Thanks!

Hello there and welcome to my modding queue. If you somehow found this, it's either you need a mod or possibly some type of assistance to your map. I will be able to assist with most things that you ask, so don't be afraid to ask :) Whatever I can do to help would be assuring to me. Also please do my rules carefully otherwise I will turn down your request.
Kocari Rules for NM

  1. Only one map per post
  2. I will only mod Standard, as well as Taiko in the future :)
  3. Your map needs to be completed work in progress I will not do.
  4. I like every song, but main preference would be DnB and Japanese Music
  5. If any other questions you can ask me directly
Kocari Rules for Light Mod

  1. Directly ask me and not through this queue since it will be easier for me to assist you 1 on 1
  2. Will consist of just telling you what there is that can be adjusted
  3. Will only accept TV size maps on this, because just light modding a long song will be unkewl
  4. If I find that the map is in good quality then I will personally NM it instead

Kocari Rules for M4M

  1. If you came from here and try to do a M4M, PLEASE POST IT IN THIS QUEUE IF YOU ARE GOING TO M4M since I have to organize my time
  2. I will have a link set-up to my map for M4M if I ever have one.
  3. I will mod your map after you have completed mine
  4. M4M will consist of having just a NM and will do everything I know to assist you in making your map better
  5. Also most m4m will be with another persons' map because I'm a generous person, and I know how hard it is to get modders.
I have the rights of a mapper/modder to turn down GD's and mods if I have found the map not to reach my standards. It may be harsh words, but it's the truth since I want the best in mappers and to push a map foward in the future. I will also leave a few words as to why and what should but emphasized/worked on more. If the results changes you can ask me to look at it again and if I do find it well enough to my standards, then I will mod it.
So Like I stated before. 5 Slots are open in the meantime :):):):):):)
let's give this a try.

this is TV size, take your pick on diffs to mod.


Hi. NM Request. (Length is 3:25)


please choice Extra or hard diff.

Hey :3
choose whichever diffs you want to mod
Setz206 - Completed
Artavia - Completed
Kihhou - Completed
CloudSplash16 - Completed
Rukaru - Completed
hello, mod request.
2 minutes in length.


thanks :D
Mod request, and onegai ;3
2 mins in length


When queue is open feel free to take your time, this is more of a personal diff than a ranked one.
Arigatou, and ganbatte!!!
Mod request senpai
Log Horizon Intro
MAN WITH A MISSION - Database feat. Takuma (Anime Size)
Insane - 1:25 (1:22 drain time)


If you can, thanks.
Rukaru- Completed
dagambler999 - Completed
toybot - Completed
Kamio Misuzu - Completed
Modding Tally = 5
RokYang - Declined, Reason = Unfinished beatmap
Hi~ TV size map here
Thank you!
try try
Marathon 5:01 drain
Hatsuki Yura - Drivi'n greedy -Nhato Remix-
hope you like it~!
open ?

5 Minutes orz

Hi ~~~~
2 minutes :) thanks
Rukaru - Completed
dagambler999 - Completed
toybot - Completed
Kamio Misuzu - Midge Pending
Narcissu - Completed
otamangaka - Declined, Reason - It's NicoNicoDouga...
Modding Staus = 9 Completed
Neil Leo - Completed
El SolarBeam - Completed
samplefish - Completed
yikes, i didnt realize i posted here already, oops

maybe midge wants to mod my map
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